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racing Sat 28 june

Sunday, June 29th, 2014
Series C Race 4   Race 5  
Ken D/George D 1 2463 3 2423
Anton H 3 2486 1 2312
Ken L/Gareth G 2 2370 2 2370
Joe K/Richard G 4 2497 4 2483

A fantastic day for sailing, bright sunshine and steady strong wind (f4)

Congratulations to the Doherty Bros who won race 1. George D pointed out that this was his first sail since he turned 70 years of age.

Congratulations also to Anton H who sailed the laser well in race 2.

Results Sat 14 june 14

Sunday, June 29th, 2014
Series D Race 5   Race 6  
Alan T/James H 1520 1 1369 3
Ken L/Peter F 1535 2 1347 2
Ken D/Owen McC 1551 3 1362 5
Bill J/James J 1648 5 1345 1
Anton H 1637 4 1356 4
Kevin T 1855 6 1444 6

Congratulations to Bill and James J who came out on top in a very close second race between the top three GP14’s

Great to see Commodore Ken D out in the Scorpion.

Great also to see Kevin T out in his Laser.

results thur 12 june 14

Sunday, June 29th, 2014
  Series E    
 sail number
12-Jun-14   handicap
13888 Peter F/James H 3259 3
13988 Ken L/Davy L 3264 4
14040 Bill J/James J
3282 5
14143 John McG/Donal McG 3293 6
13722 Danny McD/crew 3339 7
  Anton H 3206 2
13624 Joe K/Gareth G
3379 8
3762 George G
3085 1

Great to see Alan T in a new GP14. Great to see the McGuinness Bros sailing in Culmore in ther brand new Gp14. Welcome also to Danny McDonald in his new GP14.
One race in light winds.

Congratulations to George G in his Solo who won the race with a good margin

Clipper Punt Race

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

LFYC are pleased to announce the 2014 Clipper Punt Race.

Lough Foyle Punts are the traditional fishing boats of Lough Foyle. The working rigs have long ago been replaced with larger racing sails. They are traditional boats but they are lightweight and fast.


The Skipper from each of the clipper boats will be invited to helm a punt in a race at Culmore Point at 6.30 on Wed 25th. The Punt will have at least one local crew man who knows the ropes. The details of the course will be set by the race officer on the night.
There will be three races, two heats in a six boat fleet then a final featuring the best three of each of the heats.

This will be a spectacular event not be missed. Get down early and make sure you have a good viewing spot.

Here is video from the Clipper Punt race 2012

Racing Sat 31 May 14

Sunday, June 1st, 2014
Series D Race 3   Race 4  
Ken L/Peter F 1 2529 3 1235
Anton H 3 2736 1 1144
Bill J/James J 2 2691 2 1234
Rich – Pico rtd   dns  

Racing today from the Perch, to Muff to Faughan to Powerstation X2 in race 1 and just one lap in race 2.
In race 2 Bill and James and Ken and Peter got involved in a luffing battle enabling Anton H to get by easily. Bill and James J came in second holding Ken and Pete off by 0.5 of a second.

Great to see Rich from Bill J’s training session out in the Pico.

Racing 29/05/14 Series E

Sunday, June 1st, 2014
Series E Race 3   Race 4  
Ken L/Alan T 1 2249 1 2268
Bill J/James J 2 2302 2 2331
Anton H 3 2396 3 2429
George G rtd   dns  

A windy evening. Sailing from the perch to Muff to Faughan to a mark near the perch x2. A very long beat down to Muff made more difficult by the waves. A very close race between the two GP14’s.

In other news Jack Hutton will be pleased to pass on the “LFYC I forgot to put in the bungs” trophy to Ken Louden and Alan Thompson who scoped the award in a surprise move on Tuesday night. Jack had spectacularly won the trophy at the Peace Bridge race last year. Ken and Alan will be pleased to hold onto the award until the next winner comes along. The award is open to all boats and all levels of experience.