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Results Series E 20/04/13

Sunday, April 21st, 2013
Series E Race 1 race 2
20/04/2013 20/04/2013
Keith L/Alan T 2 1484 1 1420
Bill J/Owen McC 4 1642 3 1562
Danny G/ Gareth G 1 1460 2 1434
Peter F/James H 3 1492 DNF
Colum F/Eve DNS
Ken L/David L  DNC

Very windy southerly F6 and gusting. There was a question over if or not anyone would get out. Colum F and Eve made an attempt but decided against it on the shore on the advice of the OD. Four GPs eventually went out. Racing was in the bay. In the first race Peter F/James H and Keith L/Alan T were over the line and were called back. Bill J/Owen McC made a great start and took up the lead. They came around Harts first and put up the spinnaker but lost it half way down the bay and went over. By the time they recovered they were back in last position. Danny and Gareth G took up the lead and held it to win the race.

The Princess Hebridean sailed through the middle of the race course but racing was not affected. They gave us a few friendly toots of the ships horn.

On the second race Peter F/James H were reaching across the bay  spinnaker up when they got a great gust and speed up dramatically. They came up behind Danny and Gareth within an inch. Peter F was forced to make an avoiding maneuver and at that high speed moment the tiller slipped and the boat nosedived and they went in very fast. The boat went turtle but James H went under it and pushed the centre board back up. Keith L and Alan T were unstoppable with some great high speed reaching nicely bearing away for the big gusts.

A great day out.


The Hebridean Princess makes it way up the Foyle while racing continues



Racing Tue, 16/04/13

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Racing was cancelled today due to Gale Force winds.



Lough Foyle Yacht Club: Results 2012

Saturday, April 13th, 2013
Lough Foyle Yacht Club: Results 2012
Series A position John O Kane Cup
Danny G/Gareth G 1
Ken L/David L 2
Keith L/Dessie H 3
Bill J/Bridget J 4
Anton H/Jack H 5
Kevin L /James L 6
Peter F/James H 7
James H/Ryan L 8
George G 9
Kevin T 10
Dermot M 11
Owen McC 12
Series B position Iaasc Ayton Cup
Bill J/Brigit J 1
Ken L/David L 2
Dermot M 3
Danny G/Gareth G 4
Anton H/Jack H 5
Keith L/James H 6
Peter F/James H 7
George G 8
David T/Joy W 9
James L/Owen McC 10
Anthony G/Todd S 11
Series C position Ulster Bank Cup
Ken L/David L 1
Keith L/James H 2
Bill J/Bridget J 3
Dermot M 4
Danny G/Gareth G 5
Anton H/Jack H 6
Anthony G/Todd S 7
George G 8
Peter F/James H 9
J Coyle 10
Alan T 11
Series D position Anchor Cup 1
Ken L/David L 1
Dermot M/Cecil T 2
Bill J/Brigid J 3
Kevin T 4
Alan T 5
Anthony G/Todd S 6
David T/Joy W 7
Series E position Roy Louden Cup
Ken L/David L 1
Danny G/Gareth G 2
Bill J/Bridget J 3
Alan T 4
Keith L/James H 5
Kevin L/james L 6
Dermot M/Owen McC 7
Peter F/James H 8
Anton H/Jack H 9
George G 10
Kevin T 11
Dinghy Regatta race 1
Keith L/Dessie H 1
Ken L/David L 2
Anton H/Jack H 3
Dermot M DNF
Series F position Anchor Cup 2
Ken L/David L 1
Alan T 2
Anton H/Jack H 3
Danny G/Gareth G 4
Bill J/James J 5
Ken D/Ciaran H 6
Dermot M 7
Anthony G/Teresa 8
George G 9
Series G position Tommorows Cup
Dermot M/Cecil T 1
Ken L/David L 2
Bill J/James J 3
Anton H/Jack H 4
Keith L/Dessie H 5
George G 6
Alan T 7
Peter F/James H 8
Danny G/Gareth G 9
Ken D/Ciaran H 10
Ciaran H/Stuart D 11
Kevin L/James L 12
Richard G/Cormac B 13
Conor G 14
Joy W/crew 15
Junior Helm A position
Gareth G/Daniel G 1
James L/ Owen McC 2
Jack H/Anton H 3
James H/Keith L 4
Series H position Johnson Flowers Cup
Alan T 1
Dermot M/Cecil T 2
Ken L/David L 3
Bill J/James J 4
Danny G/Gareth G 5
Keith L/Dessie H 6
Kevin L/James L 7
George G 8
Anton H/Jack H 9
Peter F/James H 10
Joe K/Shay K 11
Ken D/Ciaran H 12
David T/Joy W 13
Richard G/Cormac B 14
Series I position  seeking sponsors
Anton H/Jack H 1
Dermot M 2
Ken L/David L 3
Keith L/Peter F 4
Alan T 5
James J 6
Alan T 7
George G 8
Colum F/Daughter 9
Foyle Festival Cup  seeking sponsors
Keith L/Dessie H 1
Ken L/David L 2
Alan T 3
Dermot M 4
Gareth G/Owen McC 5
Bill J/James J 6
Kevin T 7
Anton H 8
C Farrelly/B Farrelly 9
Hot Toddy
Ken L/David L 1
Bill J/James J 2
Kevin L/James L 3
Peter F/James H 4
Alan T 5
Danny G/Gareth G 6
Colum F/Beth F 7
Conor G 8
Series J position  seeking sponsors
Ken L/David L 1
Dermot M/Cecil T 2
Anton H/Jack H 3
Peter F/James H 4
Keith L/Dessie H 5
Alan T 6
Kevin T 7
Danny G/Gareth G 8
Skipper of the year
Ken L  seeking sponsors

Results Series A races 5+6 13/04/13

Saturday, April 13th, 2013
Series A Race 5 Race 6
13/04/2013 13/04/2013
Keith L/Ryan L 1 1856 2 1901
Bill J/James J 2 1869 4 1938
Danny G/ Gareth G 3 1878 1 1881
Peter F/James H 4 1904 DNF
Ken L/David L 5 1932 3 1919
George G DNF DNS
Colum F/Eve DNS DNS

North Easterly wind gusting F5+6 for the first race shifted to East and continued to build. Course perch, black brae, conniborrow, power station in race one. 1 and 7/8 times around!. Course was changed to suit a more easterly wind in race two to start off the slipway, to power station, black brae, conniborrow, powerstation.
Loads of reaching in this course today. Bill and James J got two great starts and were sailing brillantly under spinnaker but lost out a bit on the beats which were more like close fetches.
Very difficult conditions at the gybe mark at blackbrea. Ken and Davy L lost their spinnaker pole downhaul in race 1. Peter F and James H also had trouble with a spinnaker cleat.

Congratulations to Danny and Gareth G who notched up their first victory in the new boat.


Peter F and James H make their way down to Black Brea under full sail. Thanks to Peter F Snr for the photo

Results Series C, Race 1+2 combined

Thursday, April 11th, 2013
Series c Race 1 Race 2 Points Combined result
11/04/2013 11/04/2013  et
Ken L/David L 1 2026 905 1 2 1
Bill J/James J 2 2249 1056 4 6 3 3305
Keith L/Alan T 3 2254 1033 3 6 2 3287
Danny G/ Gareth G 4 2350 1096 5 9 5
Peter F/James H 5 2404 984 2 7 4
Richard G 8 DNS 1119 6 14 6

Results from two races were combined to give a single Series C result. Close racing resulted in total elapsed time being needed to split Bill/James J from Keith L/Alan T with Keith and Alan just scraping it.

Racing tonight in Culmore bay. Strong tides. Light to medium winds F3, easterly. It was a bit of a lottery getting across the channel from the start line to the power station. The tide playing a huge role combined with some nasty windless patches. Even though it was just luck that determined the first to the power station Ken/Dave L kept getting it right. The more you practice the luckier you get!

Great to see Richard G out in the Laser. A force to be reckoned with this season. Have no doubt!


Bill J – handicap revision

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Revision to LFYC Handicap

Bill and James J have been moved up to PY effective from Tue 09/04/13

Results Series B race 1, 09/04/13

Thursday, April 11th, 2013
Series B Race 1
Ken L/David L 1 2217
Peter F/James H 2 2247
Danny G/ Gareth G 3 2274
Keith L/Alan T 4 2342
Bill J/James J 5 2374

Racing tonight with beat from the pearch to Black Brea, reach to Conniborrow, run back to the power station X 2.
Good F4 breeze and a very strong tide. It was all about avoiding the tide on the way down to Black Brea.

Peter F/James H were in top form.

many thanks to George G and Owen McC who ran the rescue boat on a cold night.

AGM – Club officers 2013

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

At the AGM on Monday 8th/April/2013 the following club officers were elected

Commodore                           Anton H

Vice Commodore                   James H

Secretary                                Colum F

Treasurer                               John O K

Maintenance Officer             Ken D

Training Officer                     Bill J

Development Officer              Kevin L

Publicity Officer                    Mark McC

Good luck to them and LFYC in 2013 – City of Culture 🙂

Race results 06/04/13

Sunday, April 7th, 2013
Series A Race 3   Race 4
06/04/2013 06/04/2013
Ken L/David L 1 2328 1 2508
Gareth G/Owen McC 2 2351 2 2571
Peter F/James H 3 2369 4 2655
George G 4 2392 3 2630

Gareth G and Owen McC have been awarded an LFYC handicap of 1140

A beautiful day. Wind blowing from the south F3.

A ship interrupted the first race with Ken and David L doing very well not to lose position. Nice to see David T and a number of other paddlers making an appearance on the shore in his sea kayak.