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Racing Series F 20/08/16

Sunday, August 21st, 2016
Series F Race 5   Race 6  
20/08/2016   corrected   corrected
Ken L/Ryan L 1 2930 2 2022
Anton H (Laser) 3 3019 1 1933
Bill J/Owen McC 2 3011 3 2065
Kevin T (Laser) 4 3219 4 2224
Liam D (Laser) 5 3624 DNF  

Welcome to the McLaughlin lads who were sailing in a club Pico today. I get a sense of future racers there. Liam D was awarded an LFYC handicap of 1230.

Race one from the Perch to Culmore Bay mark, Harts, Power station, Fahan X 2. Taking 55 minutes in F3 winds from the west.

Race two was shorter: Perch, Culmore Bay mark, Harts, Power Station X 2. Taking 37 minutes. Flooding tide. The two GPs were ahead but spent time messing each other up allowing Anton H to catch up on them and win it on handicap.

Getting Ready to sail: Thanks to Kieran Doran for the picture

Racing Wed 17/08/16

Saturday, August 20th, 2016
Series G Race 3
Anton H (Laser) 1
Ken L/ Peter L 2
Kevin T (Laser) DNF
Ciaran M/Agus Inion DNF
Bill J/Joe McC DNF

Sailing from the Perch to Conniborrow to Fahan to home. One lap in very light winds and a strong flood tide.

Sailing close to the shore on the way to Conniborrow and then sailing by the bow across the channel to cheat the tide.
Anton H got ahead just before the Conniborrow mark and held the lead home. The wind changed so instead of a run it was a beat home also. The tide changed also and as the wind dropped even more there was no way home for boats still down at Fahan. One lap took 55 minutes.

Racing Series F 13/08/16

Saturday, August 20th, 2016
Series F Race 3   Race 4  
13/08/2016   corrected   corrected
Bill J/James J 1 1597 1 1704
Anton H (Laser) 2 1602 2 1729
Kevin T (Laser) 3 1653 3 1831
George G (Solo) 4 1728 4 1872
Liam (Pico) 5 1754   DNF

Starting from a boat (James J) using the flag and the perch we raced to harts back down the bay (near the green nav light) back to the power station in race one (all starboard marks). In race two we went the other way (all port marks). Great to see Liam out again.

Patchy winds (F2-3). Bill and James J sailing very well.

Series G 10/08/16

Saturday, August 20th, 2016
Series G Race 1   Race 2
Bill J/Joe McC 1   2
Ken L/ Davy L 2   1

Just two boats racing this evening with honours even

Series E 03/04/16

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

No racing today – no wind

Moville Regatta

Friday, August 19th, 2016

We all headed down to Moville early on Saturday morning. Joe Kelly was organizing for MBC (many thanks Joe, a great job) and he said it would start at 11. In a shock development it actually did start fairly near 11ish.

A good fleet turned up from Coleraine with lasers and toppers. The weather was kind. The kettle was on, there was loads of food and crack. It was great.

I think Ken and Davy L won the first race and the McGuinness Bros. the second race but am not sure about that.

I know all in LFYC look forward to this event every year and this year was brilliant. We look forward to next year. (Check out Sean McC photos from 2013)

The fleet makes its way out to Moville Light

Group shot

Anton and Aoife H rented a boat from Inishowen Adventures and a great day out on the water

Friday, August 19th, 2016
Series E Race 6  
27/07/2016   corrected
Ken L/Davy L 1 3281
James H Snr (Laser) 2 3876
Kevin T (Laser) 3 4312
George G (Solo) rtd  
Bill J/Joe McC rtd  
Anton h (Laser) rtd  

At last I have caught up with the results postings to actually remember what happened on a particular night.

It was a night of light winds and very strong ebb tide. Anton H got swept away before the start of the race. He eventually got back into it but on the second lap found himself pinned to the wall of the pier on the Lisahally side. James H Snr folded himself into a laser and sailed very well. Kevin T got swept away on the second lap crossing the channel near the Perch but fought his way back against all odds and finished the race. An excellent and determined performance!

Congratulations to Ken and Davy L the light winds masters!

Series I 23/07/16

Friday, August 19th, 2016
Series I Race 1   Race 2  
23/07/2016   corrected   corrected
Bill J/Joe McC 1 2573 1 1174
George G (Solo) 2 2583 2 1417
Ciaran M/Agus Inion 3 2825 3 1417

Race two took just 22 mins but Race 1 was 48 minutes. Either the wind got up OR the second race had just one lap? Its a mystery!

Sean McCafferty has agreed to hand over a generous cash prize at the LFYC dinner dance to those who have the right answer!

Series E Wed 20/07/16

Sunday, August 14th, 2016
Series E Race 4   Race 5  
20/07/2016   corrected   corrected
Ken L/Davy L 1 1226 1 1246
Bill J/Joe McC 2 1272 2 1302
George G (Solo) 3 1344 3 1330

Racing in a good breeze with races of two laps lasting just 24 minutes. George G in the Solo getting closer in race 2.

Series F 16/07/16

Sunday, August 14th, 2016
Series F Race 1   Race 2  
16/07/2016   corrected   corrected
Ken L/Davy L 1   1  
Bill J/Joe McC 2   2  

Two short races lasting just 15 mins each. Some what short of boats also.