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Racing in Culmore Series D 22/09/12

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

A reduced fleet raced in Culmore today as many boats were in Sligo at the GP14

Junior championships and the Autumn Open. Full reports from Sligo can be found here.

Culmore results:

Series D race 5 race 6
21/07/12 21/07/12
Ken L/David L 1 1451 2 1011
Dermot M 2 1538 1 936
David T/Joy W 3 1726 3 1220

Results: Foyle Festival Cup 15/09/12

Sunday, September 30th, 2012
Foyle Festival Cup race 1 race 2
15/09/12 15/09/12
Keith L/Dessie H 2 3101 1 3043
Ken L/David L 1 2973 3 3106
Alan T 4 3104 2 3083
Dermot M 6 3184 5 3171
Gareth G/Owen McC 8 3656 4 3154
Bill J/James J 3 3103 DNF
Kevin T 5 3148 DNF
Anton H 7 3248 DNF
C Farrelly/B Farrelly DNF DNF

A very windy day. Sailing a zig zag course starting in Culmore then around the point to Faughan.

Peace Bridge Race: Event Officer

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Peter Fallon has kindly agreed to act as principle event officer for the Peace Bridge Race

Please afford him every aspect of co-operation.

Notice of Race: 1st Peace Bridge Race

Sunday, September 9th, 2012


2012 Lough Foyle Yacht Club

The 1st Culmore Point to the Peace Bridge and back race,


the newly commissioned

John Hume and University of Ulster trophy

6th October 2012, 10.00am, Culmore Point

Organizing Authority: Lough Foyle Yacht Club


This is the first race for an elegant trophy in the iconic shape of the Peace Bridge. It was made by David Thomas, Jeweller and kindly sponsored by the University of Ulster through the office of the late Professor Jim Allen. The trophy is named after John Hume with the aim of supporting sailing in Lough Foyle.


The race will be governed by the rules as defined by The RYA rules for Dinghy sailing. This is an OPEN sailing race. All are welcome.


The race is open to all classes of sailing dinghies using the PY system of handicap.


The races will be start and finish at Culmore Point sailing up the river to a mark laid near the Peace Bridge and back down the river observing all Navigation Marks.


The sailing instructions will be available at a skippers meeting on shore before the racing starts. A protest committee will be formed (if required) by the OD and the Commodore.


Racing will start at 10.00am


The winner will be entitled to write his/her name and the name of their crew(s) and boat name on the scroll of winners located inside the trophy. The winner will be entitled to keep the trophy for a period of one year and will be asked to present the trophy to next year’s winner.


Competitors automatically grant to LFYC without payment the right in perpetuity to make, use and show any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television of or relating to the event.


Competitors are entirely responsible for their own safety, whether afloat or ashore, and nothing reduces this responsibility. It is for competitors to decide whether their boat and its helm and crew are fit to sail in the conditions that they might find. By launching or going on the water competitors confirm their boat is fit for those conditions and that they are competent to sail and compete in them. Nothing done by the organizers can reduce the responsibility of the owners and/or competitors, nor will it make the organizers responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury, however it may have occurred, as a result of the boat taking part in the racing. The organizers encompass everyone helping to run the event and include the organizing authority, race committee, race officer, safety officer, patrol boat personnel and beach masters. The provision of patrol boats does not relieve owners and competitors of their responsibilities.


Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance.



LFYC Commodore: Anthony Hutton: antovoda at googlemail dot com

Lough Foyle Yacht Club

Results Sat 08/09/12

Sunday, September 9th, 2012
Series I race 3 race 4
08/09/12 08/09/12
Dermot M 1 2086 1 1805
Keith L/Peter F 2 2138 2 1880
Anton H 3 2208 3 2046
Kevin T 4 2317 DNF
Alan T 5 2400 5 2153
George G 6 2421 4 2083

Moderate winds. A Culmore special zig zag course to complex to explain in this blog post. The Phantoms were out today with very strong performance from Dermot M.

Results 06/09/12

Sunday, September 9th, 2012
Series H race 7
Keith L/Dessie H 1 3017
Ken L/David L 2 3058
James L/Owen McC 3 3111
Danny G/Gareth G 4 3112
Peter F/James H 5 3130
George G RTD

A blowy evening, F4ish. Keith L and Dessie H were in great sailing form. Sailing down to faughan with a beat back up. Tonight was the last midweek race of the season as the nights are begining to close in….and so life rolls on

Results 21/08/12 Series G

Sunday, September 9th, 2012
Series G race 7
Dermot M/Cecil T 1 2915
Ken L/David L 2 2925
Peter F/James H 3 2949
Anton H/Jack H 4 2983
Bill J/James J 5 2997
Richard G/Cormac B 6 3036
Alan T 7 3091
George G 8 3170
Ken D/Ciaran H DNF

Congratulations to Richard G and Cormac B who are working their way up the fleet. Dermot M and Cecil T are sailing very well in the ICON class dinghy. Peter F is showing good form on his return to competitive sailing helped by the very capable crew of James H Jnr.

Results Sat 1st Sept

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Many of the fleet were away at the GP14 Ulster Championships

However winds were very high in Culmore and racing was cancelled.

Winds at the Ulsters reached Force 8 causing many boats to capsize. Good fun was had by all nonetheless.

Start line at the 2012 Ulsters, Photo by Sean McCafferty

Results 04/09/12 Series G

Sunday, September 9th, 2012
Series G race 7
Kevin L/James L 1 3008
Bill J/James J 2 3048
Peter F/James H 3 3074
Ken L/David L 4 3083
Danny G/Gareth H 5 3136
Alan T 6 3217
Anton H 7 3348
Richard G/Cormac B 8 3863
Joy W/crew DNF
George G DNS

Thanks to George D for piloting the rescue boat. Richard G and Cormac B have been awarded an LFYC handicap of 1250. Good luck with your future racing careers lads. Great to see Joy W and friend out today. Anton H went for a swim while attempting a passing manouver on Alan T much to the laters ammusement.

Results 30/08/12 Series H

Saturday, September 8th, 2012
Series H race 6
Keith L/Dessie H 2854 1
Alan T 2972 2
Kevin L/James L 3013 3
Dermot M 3165 4
Danny G/Gareth G 3172 5
Anton H 3300 6
George G 3322 7
Ken L/David L DSQ
Peter F/James H DNF
Richard G/Cormac B DNF

Many thanks to Cecil T for standing in as OD.