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Results 09/07/13

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013
Series F Race3 Race3 combined result
09/07/2013 09/07/2013
Gareth G/Danny G 1 2941 2 1402 2
Ken L/David L 2 2949 1 1379 1
Peter F/James H 3 2996 7 DNF 4
Dermot M/Cecil T 4 3076 3 1432 3
Bill J/James J 5 3203 7 DNF 5
Alan T 6 3255 7 DNF 6

Congratulations to Gareth G/Danny G who were clearly sailing very well in these two races.

GP14 Ulster Championships – Photos and Results

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013


Great Photos by Sean McCafferty of the GP14 Ulster Championship



Many Thanks to Danny Gallagher who put in a huge effort to ensure this event was brilliantly organised. Many thanks also to The Culture Company who sponsored the event. Thanks of course to all those who helped us to run the event, to our Officer of the Day Ruan O Tiarnaigh, our saftey officer and good friend from MBC, Mr Seamus Bovaird and all those on the flagship including Joan Doherty, Ryan Louden (results) and George Coyle. Special mention to all the people who helped out as rescue boatmen, especially L Harrigan, G Doherty, R Louden. Of course special thanks to the Loughs Agency who kindly provided rescue cover and gave us a loan of the Bradán to act as a flag ship. The event was sailed down by the Black Brea in one of the finest sailing ares in Ireland. Special thanks as always to the LFYC ladies who did a fantastic job making sure all the shore based activities were executed perfectly. Many thanks to Mayor of Derry, Martin Reilly who arrived to give us support and join in the crack. We really appreciate his support.


This race report is from the GP14 Ireland site:

The fleet set off in shorts and t-shirts for the GP14 Ulster Championship at Lough Foyle Yacht Club.

The first race of the day was unfortunately abandoned due to a timepiece/start flag malfunction. Stephen Boyle & Eanna Lawlor were the ones that had to walk away from a first position after having sailed for nearly 40 minutes in a dominating lead.

The wind had played ball for the first race but then it started flicking and falling. The wind over the lough became sets of holes and puffs. The race officer, Ruan O’Tiarnaigh, did a great job at trying to get starts going but the wind would not settle for long enough. Eventually the fleet got away. Locals Keith Louden & Alan Thompson pulled into a great lead and managed to get themselves into the way of the right gusts and got away from the fleet to take the 2nd race.

By the time the 3rd race got away boats could beat up either side of the windward leg but the ones who choose to go up the middle of the beat had to fly their kites. The tide was now against the windward boats and as the wind dropped the tidal effect took over. Some boats that had got away well from the line were now struggling and got drifted back behind the line again. Some stuck it out but when some gold fleet sailors were about to get lapped a few towels were thrown in. Those that had got away up the first leg managed to keep the wind for the remaining legs with Shane McCarthy & Damien Bracken taking the shortened race line honours followed by Ger Owens & Melanie Morris and Norman Lee & Richard Gallagher in third. It was obvious there was no more steady wind on the horizon so it was a long trip home to shore. Typically as the fleet got about half way home the black clouds started to roll in and the gusts came in with it giving the sailors a hard beat to shore.

All races were windward leewards. The OD and committee boat kept the Olympic course flag well hidden away.

The sailors were treated to a hog roast on Saturday evening in the marquee where we were welcomed by the LYFC Pink Ladies who made sure that everyone was well feed and watered.

The 2nd day’s forecast did not look too much better than the day before. The wind was due to shift throughout the day and the afternoon showed heavy thunder storms. Ruan had set an earlier start time of 10:30am and even though the fleet set out promptly the incoming tide meant the time to get to the race area was over an hour and with the wind coming and going some of the tail enders had to get towed up to the start area.

The wind seemed to settle to a southerly and the OD Ruan got the racing started. The first race of the day saw Ger & Melanie in the lead until the last beat. They choose to go the left side of the beat with Niall Henry & Oisin Geraghty and Alistair Duffin & Brendan McGenaghan heading right. Unfortunately for Mel & Ger the right paid.  Niall & Oisin took the race with Alistair & Brendan 2nd then Mel & Ger. The 2nd race of the day saw Ger & Mel get out to a great start and held well and this time they did take the first followed by John & Donal McGuinness with Dan & Mairin O’Connell in third.

The horizons all round started to look very stormy. Wet weather gear was unstowed. A line of rain could be seen coming over the channel towards the fleet but strangely no wind gusts before it. All boats backed their jibs. The rain was so heavy and straight down that it bounced off the water causing a mist up the hulls of the boats. No crews could be seen as they were huddled under their sails trying to stay dry. All very Marie Celeste. It lasted about 5-10 minutes. Then the sun broke out again. Boats started making their way back to the starting area. The wind however did not settle and more rain & thunder storms were brewing on the horizon. Ruan took the right decisions sounded the horns, N over A was raised and Mel & Ger became the Ulster champions for the 2nd year in a row.

The fleet started the long trek home and as the tide had turned it was again a journey against the very fast flowing tide. The wind started dying but there were enough rescue boats and the fleet got towed back to the club.

The prize giving was started with an inviation from Tom Jobling to the Chase Race at EABC 7th September in aid of the Meningitis campaign. See here for more details.

Thanks were given to the memebers and helpers of LFYC with the biggest cheers going to the well deserving Pink Ladies and Danny Gallagher.

Overall & fleet prizes were presented to:


1st Ger Owens & Melanie Morris

2nd Shane McCarthy & Damien Bracken

3rd Keith Louden & Alan Thompson


1st Peter Fallon & James Hockley

2nd Lawerence Baalham & Mark Ireland

3rd Bill & James Johnston


1st Kevin & James Lynch

2nd Maurice Baalham & Sipho Walness

3rd Tony & Jenny Patterson


GP14 Ulsters – Notice of Race

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Lough Foyle Yacht Club

Culmore Point



GP14 Class Ulster Championships 2013

27th & 28th July  2013

First Race: 12:00 Sat 27th July, 11:00 Sun 28th July

Registration: at LFYC, Culmore Point, Fri 26th July 18:00-22:00, Sat 2th July 09:00-10.00

Fee: £40/€45  (£35/€40 early entry; telephone/e-mail contact below)

Saturday Night Dining: at LFYC.

Full Sailing Instructions At Registration

Contact Daniel Gallagher:  0044 7720464085

daniel at lisahally dot com


Colum Farrelly:  0044 7714343841

columfarrelly at btinternet dot com

NB: It is City Of Culture year! Book accommodation early:


The Peace Bridge Race

Monday, July 1st, 2013
Peace Bridge Race
1 Keith L/Alan T GP14
2 Ken L/David L GP14
3 Peter F/James H GP14
Gareth G/Richard G GP14
Kevin L/Joy W GP14
Liam D/guest RS400
Brian H/guest RS400
Bill J/James J GP14
Ken D/Beth H Scorpion
Jack H/Jonathan H GP14
Colm F/Eve Laser II
Lisa G Laser radial
Brent A Laser


The John Hume and University of Ulster Trophy (Photo by Sean McCafferty)

The 2nd Annual Peace Bridge Race for the John Hume and University of Ulster Trophy was held on Sat 29th/June 2013. It was kindly supported by the Culture Company as part of the City of Culture celebrations. For the second year skipper Keith Louden won the race in his GP14, this time with crew Alan Thompson. Special thanks to Peter F Jnr and Snr for organizing the event.

There are more great pictures by Sean McCafferty available here:


Passing the City Centre navigation Light on the way home. (Photo by Sean McCafferty)

Results 25/06/13

Monday, July 1st, 2013
Series F Race 2 Race 2 combined result
25/06/2013 25/06/2013
Ken L/David L 1 2311 1 1712 1
Keith L/Alan T 2 2327 2 1749 2
Bill J/James J 3 2399 3 1856 3
Danny G/Gareth G 4 2408 6 1969 4
Peter F/James H 5 2473 5 1923 5
Anton H/Jack H DSQ 4 1868 6
Richard G DNF
Todd S/Kevin C DNF

Racing tonight consisted of two short races whose results were combined to create an overall result. Very competitive racing tonight with a few light collisions and much shouting of Starboard, water, up etc. Nice racing at both ends of the fleet.

Results 20/06/13

Monday, July 1st, 2013
Series C Race 7
Ken L/David L 1 2228
James H/Guest Crew 2 2493
Alan T 3 2274
Anton H/Jack H DNF
George G DNF

A moderate wind that died as the evening went away. This combined with strong ebbing tide made getting around the mark at Harts a challenge, resulting in some DNF’s. Great to see Anton and JacK H back out sailing again after a period of illness enforced absence.
many thanks to George D who was the OD tonight.

Results: 15/06/13 The Dinghy Regatta

Monday, July 1st, 2013
Dinghy Regatta Race 1 race 2
15/06/2013 15/06/2013
Keith L/Alan T 2 1
Peter F/James H 1 2
Bill J/James J 3 3

Racing today was carried out in horrible weather, raining, very windy and cold. Congratulations to those dedicated sailors who braved the elements. Respect!

Results 13/04/13

Monday, July 1st, 2013
Series C Race 6
Peter F/James H 1 py
Keith L/Alan T 2 py
Danny G/ Gareth G 3 py
Ken L/David L 4 py
Bill J/James J 5 py
Cecil Thompson DNF
Joy Whelan DNF

Great to see Cecil Thompson out in a Phantom. He did go for a swim, but recovered well. Also great to see Joy Whelan out for a sail.
Congratulations also to Peter Fallon and James Hockley, is that a first win of the season?

Many thanks to Leonard and Leanne who did rescue cover in their boat. The LFYC rescue boat is beginning to show its great age.



The Peace Bridge Race 2013

Monday, July 1st, 2013



2013 Lough Foyle Yacht Club

The 2nd Culmore Point to the Peace Bridge and back race,



John Hume and University of Ulster trophy

29th June 2013, 11.00am, Culmore Point


Organizing Authority: Lough Foyle Yacht Club


This is the second race for this elegant trophy in the iconic shape of the Peace Bridge. The trophy was made by David Thomas, Jeweller and kindly sponsored by the University of Ulster through the office of the late Professor Jim Allen. The trophy is named after John Hume with the aim of supporting sailing in Lough Foyle. Last years winners, Keith Louden and Dessie Hughes will no doubt do their best to defend this unique trophy. A range of runner up prizes will also be presented.
LFYC are grateful to the the Culture Company (#derry2013) who are supporting this event.


The race will be governed by the rules as defined by The RYA rules for Dinghy sailing. This is an OPEN sailing race. All are welcome.


The race is open to all classes of sailing dinghies using the PY system of handicap. The event while being a race is a FUN day out attracting all levels of sailors. It is an ideal family event. The course is a good sailing challenge and completing it is a victory in itself.


The races will be start and finish at Culmore Point sailing up the river to a mark laid near the Peace Bridge and back down the river observing all Navigation Marks.


The sailing instructions will be available at a skippers meeting on shore before the racing starts. A protest committee will be formed (if required) by the OD and the Commodore.


Racing will start at 10.00am


The winner will be entitled to write his/her name and the name of their crew(s) and boat name on the scroll of winners located inside the trophy. The winner will be entitled to keep the trophy for a period of one year and will be asked to present the trophy to next year’s winner.


Competitors automatically grant to LFYC without payment the right in perpetuity to make, use and show any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television of or relating to the event.


Competitors are entirely responsible for their own safety, whether afloat or ashore, and nothing reduces this responsibility. It is for competitors to decide whether their boat and its helm and crew are fit to sail in the conditions that they might find. By launching or going on the water competitors confirm their boat is fit for those conditions and that they are competent to sail and compete in them. Nothing done by the organizers can reduce the responsibility of the owners and/or competitors, nor will it make the organizers responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury, however it may have occurred, as a result of the boat taking part in the racing. The organizers encompass everyone helping to run the event and include the organizing authority, race committee, race officer, safety officer, patrol boat personnel and beach masters. The provision of patrol boats does not relieve owners and competitors of their responsibilities.


Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance.



LFYC Commodore: Anthony Hutton: antovoda at googlemail dot com

Lough Foyle Yacht Club