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Series B results 29/03/2011

Thursday, March 31st, 2011
Series B race 1
Dermot M 1
Ken L/David L 2
Bill J/Joy 3
Danny G/Gareth G 4
George G 5
Keith L/Dessie H DNF

F2+ from south. Beat to quay, run up to lower marks and reach across. beat home, wind dropping all the while. George G and Bill J are on final warning for going inside oyster bed marks,( that is the yell/green marks) this was kindly pointed out by Danny G who was sailing close by.

Sailing Thursday 31st March – Cancelled

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

As a mark of respect to the family of the late Brian Fraser who was a past member of LFYC, racing is cancelled tonight, Thursday 31st of March.

Series A results 26/03/2011

Sunday, March 27th, 2011
Series A race 1 race 2
26/03/10 26/03/10
Ken L/David L 1 DSQ
Keith L/James H 3 2
Kevin L /James L 2 1
Danny G/Gareth G 6 DSQ
Bill J/Stephen B 7 4
George G 9 7
Anton H 8 6
James H Jnr 4 5
Kevin T 5 3
Anthony G/Todd 10 RTD
Mark McC DNS 8

A very nice sunny day blowing northerly f2/3. 11 boats sailing on first day of season. Congratulations to Bill J launched his new GP14. James H Jnr did very well in the club Laser. Danny G and Ken L were over the line in race two and DSQ. Anthony G broke his tiller and was forced to RTD. Nice to see Mark McC and Owen McC back in their boat.

LFYC skipper handicap update

Sunday, March 20th, 2011
Culmore Handicap Series – revised 20/03/2011
Boat type Skipper Handicap
GP14 Ken L 1127
GP14 Keith L 1127
GP14 Sean McD 1180
GP14 Bill J 1180
GP14 Kevin L 1180
GP14 Danny G 1180
GP14 David T 1185
GP14 Anton H 1185
GP14 Ciaran H 1185
GP14 Mark McC 1250
Laser Full Rig Keith D 1140
Laser Full Rig Sean H 1140
Laser Full Rig Conor G 1160
Laser Full Rig George G 1195
Laser Full Rig Kevin T 1195
Laser Full Rig James H Jnr 1232
Phantom Dermot M 1090
Phantom Anton H 1150
Scorpion Peter F 1145
Scorpion Ken D 1145
Scorpion George D 1160
Scorpion Anthony G 1240
Solo George G 1195
New, Occasional and Guest sailors will be awarded a Handicap to suit ASAP
Handicap values are based on RYA PY class numbers factored with Skipper race performance
Handicap values will be reviewed each month at the club meeting
Race times in seconds are multiplied by the Handicap and divided by 1000

LFYC Results 2010

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Series A – 8 Races

1 Ken L/Keith L – John O Kane Cup
2 Keith L/James H
3 Bill J/Stephen B

Series B – 8 Races

1 Keith L/Dessie H – Isaac Ayton Cup
2 Ken L/David L
3 Bill J/Stephen B

Series C – 7 Races

1 Keith L/Dessie L – Ulster Bank Cup
2 Ken L/David L
3 Anton H

Series D – 6 Races

1 Ken L/David L – Anchor Bar Cup (One)
2 Sean McD/Anthony G
3 Keith L/James H

Series E – 5 Races

1 Ken L/David L – Anchor Bar Cup (Two)
2 Keith L/Dessie H
3 Bill J/Stephen

Series F – 7 Races

1 Ken L/David L – Roy Louden Cup
2 Dermot M
3 Keith L/Dessie H

Series G – 7 Races

1 Ken L/David L – Dinghy Series G Cup (Sponsorship available)
2 Keith L/Dessie H
3 Dermot M

Series H – 13 Races

1 Ken L/David L – Dinghy Series H Cup (Sponsorship available)
2 Keith L/Dessie H
3 Dermot M

Series I – 7 Races

1 Danny G/Gareth G – Dinghy Series I Cup (Sponsorship available)
2 Kevin L/James L
3 Dermot M

Dinghy Regatta – 2 races 22/05/10 (

1 Ken L/David L – Dinghy Regatta Cup (Sponsorship available)
2 Bill J/Stephen B
2 Kevin L/James L

Foyle Festival cup – 2 races

1 James L/Owen McC – Foyle Festival Cup (Sponsorship available)
2 Anton H
2 Dermot M

Hot Toddy – 2 races

1 Ken L/Bill J – Bottle of Whiskey (Sponsorship available)
2 Dermot M
3 Kevin L/James L

Helmsman of the Year

Ken L – Dr. Jal Johnston Memorial Cup

Culmore Regatta

Results posted here

Sponsorship of Cups

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

There is currently an opportunity to sponsor cups. This is a nice way to

1. help LFYC

2. to advertise a business or

3. to commemorate.

There is no fixed mode of sponsorship, we are open to ideas that encourage sailing on Lough Foyle.

LFYC would welcome offers of sponsorship for

Dinghy Series F

Dinghy Series G

Dinghy Series H

Dinghy Series I

The Dinghy Regatta

The Foyle Festival

The Hot Toddy

Interested parties should contact Anthony Hutton (LFYC Commodore)

2011 Club Officers elected

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

At the AGM of 07/03/2011 the club officers for 2011 were elected. They are as follows:

Commodore: Anthony Hutton

Vice Commodore: Daniel Gallagher

Secretary: Bill Johnson

Tresurer: John O Kane

Maintence Officer: Ken Doherty

Development Officer: Kevin Lynch

LFYC Annual Prize Giving – This Friday Night

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

LFYC Annual Prize Giving evening – This Friday, 11/March 8.00pm.  The Magnet Bar, Culmore.

A great night out, loads of prizes, great company. Everyone welcome. We hope to see you there

AGM – Monday 7th March

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

The AGM is on this monday in the clubhouse at 8.30. (7th March)
We have a great schedule of events for 2011. It would be great to see a big turnout at the AGM to get the season underway.

LYFC host Purcell Cup

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

LFYC are pleased to host the GP14 Association of Ireland Purcell Cup 2011.

The event will take place on the weekend of 28/29 may and we look forward to a great weekend of exciting sailing in Lough Foyle. Event details can be found here: