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Sean McCafferty Photo stream from first sail of 2013 season

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

great pictures from Sean McCafferty of first sail of season

Race results 30/03/13

Sunday, March 31st, 2013
Series A Race 1 Race 2
30/03/2013 * 30/03/2013 *
Ken L/David L 1 1736 1 1581
Bill J/James J 2 1736 2 1610
Keith L/Ryan L 3 1753 3 1618
Danny G/ Gareth G 4 1765 5 1690
Peter F/James H 5 1836 4 1661
*LFYC skippers handicap corrected seconds

The 2013 season opened today with a cold Easterly F3-5. Racing from a mark near the slipway to the power station, then Harts, then a mark in Culmore bay.
Ken and David L found themselves in last place as they rounded the power station but took a course clear of the other boats as they made their way up to Harts getting clear air and came round Harts in first position.
Congratulations to the Gallaghers who launched a new GP14 today (picture).

Racing on 26th and 28th March

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Racing on the 26th and 28th March was cancelled due to cold weather and poor light

Culmore skipper's handicap 2013

Sunday, March 31st, 2013
Culmore skippers handicap 2013*
GP14 Ken L 1127
GP14 Keith L 1127
GP14 Peter Fallon 1127
GP14 Danny G 1127
GP14 Bill J 1150
GP14 Kevin L 1180
GP14 Anton H/Jack H 1185
GP14 David T 1185
GP14 James L/Owen McD 1180
GP14 Ciaran H/Owen 1190
GP14 Mark McC 1250
GP14 John McG/Donal McG 1127
GP14 Gareth G/Richard G 1190
GP14 Gareth G/John McG 1185
GP14 Sean McD 1180
GP14 James H Jnr/R Louden 1180
GP14 James H Jnr/Keith L 1127
ICON Dermot M/Cecil T 1127
Phantom Dermot M 1100
Phantom Anton H 1150
Phantom Alan T 1127
Phantom Conor G 1150
Scorpion Peter F 1145
Scorpion Ken D 1160
Scorpion George D 1160
Scorpion Anthony G 1250
Scorpion Barry/crew 1250
Scorpion Ciaran H/Stuart D 1160
Laser Full Rig George G 1195
Laser Full Rig Owen McC 1195
Laser Full Rig Conor G 1140
Laser Full Rig Keith D 1140
Laser Full Rig J Coyle 1195
Laser Full Rig Kevin T 1195
Laser Full Rig James H Jnr 1232
Laser Full Rig Sean H 1140
Laser Full Rig Alan T 1195
Laser Full Rig Gareth G 1232
Laser Full Rig Joe Kelly 1150
Laser Full Rig shay kelly 1140
Laser Full Rig Richard G 1232
Laser Full Rig Ronan Magee 1232
Laser Full Rig Joe Kelly Jnr 1185
Laser Full Rig James J 1232
Laser 2 Colm F 1300
Laser Radial Teresa P 1230
Laser Radial Jennifer C 1250
Solo George G Solo 1200
420 Pat K/Joe K 1185
420 Richard G/Cormac B 1250
Fireball FB 980
49er 49er 740
Wayfarer Paul Beardmore 1190
pico Jennifer C Pico 1400

* Handicap values will be adjusted as season progresses. New sailors handicaps will be awarded as the need arises.

Racing on 23rd March cancelled

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Due to inclement weather racing is cancelled on sat 23rd March.