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Bridge opening

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Five boats headed up river into town to attend the grand opening of the Peace bridge.

Anthony G/Todd S, David T/Joy W, Kevin T, Anthony H/Harry H, Bill J/Owen H

Conditions were very difficult. SSW wind F4 gusting 6. Everyone except David and Joy went for an unscheduled swim. Special mention for kevin Tuffy who had a very difficult time in the single handed Laser.

We got to the Bridge in time and stood off about 50m while the official proceeedings were underway. After the grand opening we sailed in company with the Colomcille boat and a host of other small craft before returning home in an exciting downwind blast.

Thanks to Ken L and FSR for the rescue cover.

Series C Race 7 16/06/11

Friday, June 24th, 2011
Series C race 7
Ken L/David L 1
Gareth G 2
Joe K/Pat K 3
Keith L/Dessie H 4
Ken D/Beth H 5
Dermot M 6
George G 7
Kevin L /James L 8

Didnt see this race myself so I have no particular comments. Nonetheless I note that Gareth G is going well in the club Laser.

Opening of the Peace Bridge

Monday, June 20th, 2011

The new bridge opens this saturday (25/06/11). We plan to sail into town to mark this historic occassion and participate in the celebrations.

The St Columcille boat will be stationed upstream of the bridge, LFYC will stand off downstream. When the bridge opens at 3.00pm the St Colomcille will row under the bridge and LFYC plan to form a procession after her as she travels down the Foyle.

We plan to leave Culmore at 12.00. Bring sandwichs, drinks etc. All welcome. It would be great to see lots of boats (Dinghys and Punts) out for this once in a lifetime event.

Race Results Series B Race 8 14/06/11

Monday, June 20th, 2011
Series B race 8
Keith L/Dessie H 1
Ken L/David L 2
Dermot M 3
Joe K/Owen McC 4
Anton H 5
Bill J/James J 6
David T/Joy 7
Gareth G 8
George G 9

Nice evening F3 Easterly. Starting from a gate mark in Culmore bay. Beat to Power Station, Harts, a mark low in the corner of Culmore bay, through the gate, three times round.Thanks to Kevin Lynch for the results.

Sailing events

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Good luck to Danny G and Gareth G who are competing at the Scottish GP14 Nationals 11/12 June.
Good luck also to Anton H and Jack H who are heading down to Lough Derg to compete in the Dromineer 24

Dinghy Regatta 11/06/11

Sunday, June 12th, 2011
Dinghy Regatta race 1 race 2
11/06/11 11/06/11
Dermot M 1 2
Keith L/Dessie H 2 8
Kevin L/James L 3 4
Ken L/David L 4 5
Bill J/Stephen B 5 1
Connor G 6 3
Anton H/Jack H 8 6
Ken D/David D 7 9
Anthony G/Todd DNF DNS
G Gilmore DNF DNF
K Tuffy DNS 7

NNE F2/3 Start at the perch, muff, fahan, powerstation, 2 laps, Finish at the perch.
Connor G sailed very well in Anton H’s Phantom. Kevin T and George G had a good race in race two. Good to see Anton H and Jack H back in action with a nicely repaired boat after damage caused during the storm two weeks ago.

SeaFest Rathmullen

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

SeaFest Dinghy Regatta
2 / 3 July 2011
The dinghy regatta consists of a minimum of four races run over two days around an Olympic style course. We are specifically planning a racing format to suit both novice and experienced small boat racers.
There will be a Pico fleet, and a mixed fleet run on a P/Y system. For every class with six or more boats on the water a separate fleet will be formed. Run under the burgee and race committee of the Rathmullan Sailing Club. Open competition. Some local boats may be available for members of visiting clubs to race.
Prizes will be given to winners of each day of the event.
Race Authority:
Rathmullan Sailing & Watersports Club. Race Officer, Steve Hayes, Bray Sailing Club.
Race Area
Courses will be set in the vicinity of Rathmullan Pier, Lough Swilly.
Saturday July 2
11:30 Final Registration and Skipper’s Briefing at Rathmullan Sailing Club boat compound
near the pier
13:00 First Race Start. Minimum of two races.
19:00 Prizegiving in Rathmullan Battery
Sunday July 3
11:30 Final Registration and Skipper’s Briefing at Rathmullan Sailing Club boat compound
for those who did not compete in Saturday’s races.
13:00 First Race Start. Minimum of two races.
16:30 Prizegiving in Rathmullan Battery

Series C race 6 02/06/2011

Sunday, June 5th, 2011
Series C race 6
Pat K/Owen McC 1
Danny G/Gareth G 2
Ken L/David L 3
Kevin L /James L 4
Dermot M 5
Anton H 6
James H Jnr RTD

A strong breeze (F4/5?). Start at the perch, beat to muff, reach to fahan, run back the power station. 3 times round.

Series B Race 7 31/05/2011

Sunday, June 5th, 2011
Series B race 7
Dermot M 1
Bill J/Stephen B 2
Joe K/Pat K 3
Danny G/Gareth G 4
James L/Owen McC 5
Ken L/David L 6
Ken D/Beth H 7
Anton H 8
J Coyle 9

Noted: The LFYC race series gets straight back into action after the busy time in preparation for the GP14 Purcell Event, with a good PY turnout.

F3/4 West. Dermot Morrow established a very large lead from early in the race. Nice to see J Coyle (Rathmullen SC) in LFYC. many thanks to Keith L for standing in as OD and Mark McC as rescue. Danny G and Ken L had a bit of a bump at the Jibe mark.

Purcell Trophy 2011 RESULTS

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Photos from Purcell 2011, thanks to Sean McCafferty and G. Doherty

LFYC was delighted that 30 boats registered for the 2011 Purcell event. The Mayor of Derry (Maurice Devenny) made a visit before the first race started.
Racing was delayed due to very high winds untill 3.00pm. 12 boats ventured out. A spectacular day of heavy weather sailing followed. A very nice social evening in DaVinchi’s hotel was attended by over 70 people. Racing on Sunday was cancelled due to poor weather.
Congratulations to local sailors Keith Louden and Dessie Hughes who won the 2011 Purcell Trophy

GP14 Purcell Trophy 28 – 29 may 2011 LFYC Final Results

1st Keith Louden/Dessie Hughes
2nd John McGuinness/Donal McGuinness
3rd Richard Street/Dan Crilly

Keith Louden/Dessie Hughes

Niall Henry/James Conlon (Sligo SC)

Niall Henry/James Conlon

1st Keith Louden/Dessie Hughes (LFYC)
2nd John McGuinness/Donal McGuinness (Moville SC)
3rd Richard Street/Dan Crilly (Blessigton SC)

Bill Johnson/Stephen Byrne (LFYC)
Nigel Sloan/M Cox (Newtonards SC)
Stephen Nelson/Jonny Nelson (Newtonards SC)

Kevin Lynch/James Lynch (DNF Race 1) (LFYC)
Mark McCauley/Owen McCauley (DNF Race 1) (LFYC)

The 2011 Purcell Trophy was assisted by The Loughs Agency and Derry City Council