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Foyle Festival Cup – Results

Monday, September 13th, 2010

We have a plan (conditions permitting) to race the Foyle Festival cup downriver near the lower marks. there will be a flagship start. This will mean that we will leave Culmore at 2.30 allowing half an hour to sail down for a 3.00pm start. It would be great to see a big fleet. Visitors welcome.


So much for the advert

Sadly conditions did not permit…in fact saturdays weather could reasonably be described as horrible for sailing. Lots of rain and very little wind. Eventually three boats went out with the following results.

Foyle Festival Cup race 1 race 2
Skipper/Crew 18/09/10 18/09/10
James L/Owen McD 1 1
Anton H 2 3
Dermot M 3 2

Many thanks to Ken L who stood in the rain and acted as timekeeper and OD. Congratulations to James and Owen who sailed very well.

Series H Races 8 and 9 11/09/2010

Monday, September 13th, 2010
Series H race 8 race 9
Skipper/Crew 11/09/10 11/09/10
Bill J/Stephen B 1 1
Dermot M 2 2
Anton H 3 3
Kevin T 4 4

A fine day with Southerly F3. A bad decision and a squall in the middle of the 2nd race changed all the positions. D and DD (as DD would say)

Series G Race 7 09/09/2010

Friday, September 10th, 2010
Series G race 7
Ken L/David L 1
Keith L/Dessie H 2
Dermot M rtd
Anton H rtd
Bill J/Stephen B rtd
James H Jnr rtd
George G rtd
Danny G/Gareth G rtd
Kevin L/James L rtd

The wind was quete nice when we started but fell away to nothing causing many boats to retire. It was dark when we came in, a reminder perhaps that this was the last day of evening sailing this season. Congratualtions to those who crossed the line.

Series F race 7 07/09/2010

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010
Series F race 7
Dermot M 1
James L/Owen McC 2
Ken L/David L 3
Bill J/Stephen B 4
George G 5
Anton H rtd

A evening of light winds. Dermot M established a clear lead in his Phantom. Expertly sailed.

Series H Races 8 + 9 04/09/2010

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010
Series H race 8 race 9
Skipper/Crew 04/09/10 04/09/10
James L/Owen McC 1 4
Ken L/David L 2 DNS
George G 3 5
Anton H 4 3
Keith L/James H 5 1
Bill J/Stephen B DNS 2

A great days sailing in very nice F3 winds. Congratualtions to James L and Owen McC for a great performance. The first win in the senior fleet of many I expect! I think Kevin L may start looking for another boat to sail.

Series H 28/08/2010 races 8 and 9

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010
Series H race 8 race 9
Skipper/Crew 28/08/10 28/08/10

Race cancelled due to GP14 Nationals in newtonards and many boats and crew being away at that event