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Racing Sat 09/09/17

Sunday, September 10th, 2017
Series H
Sat 09/09/17 corrected corrected
Ken L/Davy L 1 1582 1 1783
Anton H/Joy W 3 1677 2 1990
James McL (Laser) 2 1616 3 2138
Ciaran M/Eva M 3 DNF 3 DNS

Great to see James McL out sailing in a club laser. He has been awarded an LFYC handicap of 1195.
Based some recent good results Anton H and James P H have had their Laser handicaps reduced from 1180 to 1175.

Sailing today at full tide. Good wind F4, gusting and shifty. Race one, Gilmores, Power Station Faughan (1 lap) and in race 2 Harts, Gilmores, Power Station (2 laps).

Anton H sailing with Joy W went for a swim in race 2. Over in a gust. Recovered well and sailed on.

Ciaran and Eva M got tangled with the navigation mark near Faughan forcing a DNF. They escaped the encounter only with minor damage.

Ken and Davy L impervious.

Phantoms UK Nationals

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Challanging conditions. Plastic phantoms looks great though….

Racing wed 06/09/17

Sunday, September 10th, 2017
Wed 06/09/2017 corrected corrected
Series G Race 6 Race 7
James Peter H Jnr (Phantom) R1 (Laser) R2 3 3150 1 1724
Anton H (Laser) R1 (Phantom) R2 1 3062 4 1895
Ken L/Davy L 2 3145 3 1821
Bill J/Joe McC 4 3181 2 1811
Kevin T 5 3308 5 1910

The course tonight was just two marks, Harts and Faughan. A reasonable breeze F3. Anton H and James P H swapped boats after the second race. Anton H found it hard going in the Phantom after a gap of several years.

That race marks the end of summer sailing on wed evenings. Just Saturdays from here on in.

BTW: This year for the first time ever(?) in LFYC we will have a Laser frostbite series in November. It consists of 4 race days. Everyone welcome (open to all). We are planning to have three short course races each day, starting at 10am each sat.  If you have a Laser sitting in your garage and fancy a bit of winter sailing, now is the time to shake off the dust and check the rigging.

Racing Sat 02/09/17 Series H

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017
Series H (moved)
Sat 02/09/17  R1 corrected  R2 corrected
Bill J/Mary J 2 1962 1 1946
Ken L/Davy L 1 1959 2 1977
Ciaran M/Eva M 3 2116 3 2019
Kevin T 4 2170 4 2164

A temporary OD was working today (who shall rename nameless) and it didn’t go well. He or she gave two courses out, one course to one boat and a different course to the other boats.
To offer redress two actions were taken (a matter of the least unjust remedy).
1. The boat that took the shorter course was given a time penalty of 30 seconds in race 1 and 60 seconds in race two (relative to the perceived advantage gained).
2. The Foyle Cup which was today and in which silver ware was to be decided has been moved to Sat 23/09/17, as it seems a bit unfortunate to decide silver on a day such as today. Todays race will count as Race 1 and 2 in Series H.

We will welcome Big Pete back to duty as OD with renewed enthusiasm next week. 🙂

Other than that matter above it was a great day out sailing. Windy enough, maybe F5. Massive shifts. All boats declined to fly spinnakers. Course from the slipway to Power Station, up to Harts (through the line?) down to Faughan. It was very reaching course (with no dead run). Kevin T had a very sporty time, in the reaching friendly Laser, seen flying by the point at high speed only to capsize in an overtaking maneuver. Ciaran and Eva M handled the bigger winds with case – nice sailing guys.

Many thanks to James H and Kevin L who did rescue today.

Racing wed 30/08/17

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017
Wed 30/Aug/2017 corrected
Series G Race 5
Ken L/Davy L 1 2423
George G 2 2514
Bill J/Mary J (skipper) 3 2713
Kevin T 4 3109

the last race of August, the nights are beginning to close in so there was time for just one race tonight.
Great to see Mary J sailing and taking over as skipper from Bill. George G sailing well in the Solo.

Racing 26/08/17

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017
Series F Race 3 Race 4
Sat 26/Aug/2017 corrected corrected
Ken L/Davy L 1 2095 1 1848
Anton H (Laser) 2 2096 3 1981
Bill J/Joe McC 3 2116 2 1882
Ciaran M/Eva M 4 2168 5 2012
George G (Laser) 5 2175 4 2003
Kevin T 6 2214 6 2164
Nigel McB (Laser) 7 2768 7 2366

A beautiful sunny morning.

Race 1, Start at the slipway, Gilmores, harts, around the mark at the slipway. A big ship was coming into port and being turned by two tugs so we raced in culmore bay without going into the channel. He gave us a big warning hoot anyway. Two laps
Race 2, Start at slipway, harts, Faughan. Just one lap. On the way back up to the finish line we encountered a huge amount of debris from the flood. You had to navigate through the gaps, not easy, everyone got tangled and had to stop to clear centre boards and rudders. The race must go on!

Eva M officially gave the new ladies changing room its first use. She said it was very nice. Many thanks to the Port and Docks.

Thanks also to Liam on the rescue boat and to big Pete as OD.

Series G Wed 23 Aug 2017

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017
Wed 23/Aug/2017 corrected corrected
Series G Race 3 Race 4
Anton H (Laser) 1 1556 2 672
Ken L/Davy L 3 1630 1 665
George G 2 1562 3 751
Kevin T 4 1672 4 716

Racing today in Culmore bay, Windy enough. Anton H going very well in the club Laser. There was lots of debris on the course – after the flooding on Sunday night.