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Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
Series D Race 3   Race 4  
Sat 03/June/17
  corrected   corrected
Anton H/ Gareth G 2 2203 1 1439
Ken L/Davy L 1 2149 4 1809
George G 4 2486 2 1594
Bill J/Joe McC 3 2282 5 1966
Alan T/James P H DNF   3 1688
Ciaran M/Eva M 5 3537 DNC  
Nigel McBride DNF   DNC

A day of mad weather contrasts, from near calm to gale. loads of capsizes and adventures and some gear failure in the mix. Anton H and Gareth G sailing very well, absolutely flying on last spinnaker reach of race 2.

Racing 31/may/17

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
Series D Race 3   Race 4  
Wed 31/MAY/2017   time   corrected
Ken L/Davy L 2 49.59 1 1406
Bill J/Gareth G 1 47.46 2 1447
Anton H/ Mike M 3 52.55 4 1486
George G DNF   3 1486
Richard F/sister DNF   DNC

Great to see Richard F and sister out sailing. It was windy today and the big Laser 2 took a gust and went over. They self recovered and sailed on but rtd later. Bill J and Gareth G sailing very well. Many thanks to OD big Pete and Bosun Liam H. Without them we could not get out. Their long standing service is much appreciated.

Series C racing Sat 27th/May/17

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
Series C Race 1   Race 2  
Sat 24/MAY/2017   time   time
Anton H/Kevin T
1  36.54 DNC
Ciaran M/Eva M 2  47.08 DNC

Windy today F4+. Sailing in Culmore Bay. Massive Shifts and gusts making going difficult. One race was enough! Many away in Greystones at GP14 event. Anton H sailing with Joe McC and going well. Anton H sailing with Kevin T today

Racing wed 24/may/17

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
Series N Race 2   Race 3  
Wed 10/MAY/2017   time   time
Ken L/Davy L 1 44.43 1 23.53
Richard F/sister 2 45.26 2 23.5
James P H/Emerald H 3 47.1 3 25.28
Kevin Lynch/Bill J 4 48.17 4 25.35
Anton H/ Mike M 5 48.46 5 25.31

Racing today to Conniborrow and Fahan and Power Station marks. Richard F and sister sailing very well in his Laser 2. F3/4 breeze. Anton H and Kevin L having a good fun race at the back of the fleet.

Peace Bridge Race – 20/05/17

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
Peace Bridge Race    
20-May-17   corrected
Ken L/Davy L 1 5485
Alan T/Owen McC 2 5620
Anton H/Mike M 3 6209
Richard F/his dad 4 6258
Kevin T 5 6507
Kevin L/Nigel McB 6 6712

Congratulations to Ken and Davy L who retain the Peace Bridge Trophy
A great race up and down. In the 5 minute pre race sequence there was no wind then more or less as the gun went the wind came and fairly strong at F5 and gusting. Welcome to Richard F and his dad who were sailing a Laser 2. (They have been awarded an LFYC PY of 1133 (the same as a GP)).

Kevin L and Nigel were sailing very well upwind as they went through the required 100 or so tacks through the narrows.

As Kevin L and Nigel came around the Peace bridge mark a big gust came and blew them, Richard F and Dad and Kevin T over. All recovered w4ell and sailed on. This incident gave Anton H and Mike M a chance to pull back a few places which they held onto on the run home.

Racing wed 17/may17

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
Series D Race 1   Race 2  
Wed 17/MAY/2017   time   time
Ken L/Davy L 1   1 41.45
Anton H/Mike M RTD   2 45.35

Strong tides and light winds at work this evening. Anton H and Mike M failed to make it to the line in a timely manner in Race 1 but made a better fist of things in Race 2. Ken and Davy L sail on.

Push the Boat Out

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

The Push the Boat Out event in Derry was organised by LFYC with special thanks to Nigel McB and Kieran D. It was a great day out with over 30 people coming down to Culmore to give sailing a try. It was very enjoyable for everyone and from the point of view of one who was in a boat bringing people out it was great to meet so many people.

Many thanks to all who helped out on the day especially Ken L (who caught boats coming in and helped getting all the new people onboard safely), the rescue boat drivers – Liam and James. Many thanks also to Fiona and Tracey who ran the tent with wonderful hospitality.

Racing 10 May 17

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
Series N Race 1   Race 2  
Wed 10/MAY/2017   time   time
Ken L/Davy L 1 15.17 1 13.42
Bill J/Joe McC 2 15.34 2 14.44
George G 3 DNF  

Just three boats sailing. Ken and Davy sailing very well. I was not at the event so cannot make any comment about the day but looking at the race times i suspect the wind was up and the racing was close.

Racing Wed 06/may/17

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
Series A Race 11   Race 12  
Wed 06/MAY/2017   corrected   corrected
Bill J/James J 1 2179 1 961
Anton H/Mike M 4 2627 2 1078
Kevin T 3 2606  3 1236
Alan T (PICO) 2 2460 DNC

A very windy day. Alan, Owen and JP Hockley went out out in a PICOs for a blast. By the time racing started the wind had eased a little. Bill J and James J found it easy going in the heavy weather and at one stage were seen eating sweets, drinking tea and looking at TV while every one else held on for dear life.