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NIce Gybe

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

I came across this (familiar) scene on the phantom website

Assistant Instructor Courses with Loughs Agency

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Andy Sides from the Loughs Agency is planning to run Instructor Courses for Keel Boats


Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 July – ‘conversion course for those having done AI dinghy course.

Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 July – AI keel boat (for those coming in ‘fresh’ – ie without AI dinghy).

Interested parties should contact him.

best regards


Punts racing on 8th of June

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

4 boats were racing today

James H, Kevin L, James P H

Ken D, Stuart D, Guest crew

Danny G, Gareth G, Owen McC

Roy L, Guest crew, James L

In race one Ken D and Co came from last position to first and were on their way home when they were caught by James H and Co. Congratulations to James H + Co

In race two Ken D and Co once again made their way to the top of the fleet from an initially unfavorable position. They were leading the whole way downwind toward the finish line but their boat didn’t seem to run as well as others. Roy L and Co caught them on the line with the tow boats finishing within a second of each other. Congratulations to Roy and Co. A cruel blow I fear for Ken D and co who at least can carry home two very good seconds.

Thanks to Ken L for OD and Anton H for rescue cover.


Results Series C Race 6 06/o6/13

Sunday, June 16th, 2013
Series C Race 6
Keith L/Alan T 1 py
Ken L/David L 2 py
Peter F/James H 3 py
Bill J/James J 4 py
Danny G/ Gareth G 5 py

I didn’t see this race but it looks like keith and Alan are continuing their good run of form

Results Series F Race 1 04/06/13

Sunday, June 16th, 2013
Series F Race 1
Keith L/Alan T 1 3881
Ken L/David L 2 3883
George G 3 3927
Danny G/Gareth G 4 3940

A number of collisions occurred in this race.

Rathlin Island Trip + Racing Series E 1st June

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Racing in Culmore today was cancelled as some were racing in the Walled City Marathon so well done to Keith for that. Others decided to head to Rathlin Island regatta and camped over on Saturday night.

It was seriously good crack with about 400 people turning up for various events. The sailing was cancelled due to lack of wind on sundany but that didnt stop the general sense of good crack


Bill and Peter and pram in McCuaigs bar. stylish

Anto’s stylish bicycle and breakfast arangements


a divers helmet recovered from a sunken ship, now in the parish hall in Rathlin


Full ahead, engine telegraph also recovered from a wreck near Rathlin


LFYC members are dismayed when Sean McC wind jig failed to summon the wind


Unusual Glassy wind conditions in Rathlin island

Results Series F 28/05/13

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Racing was cancelled today as we were becalmed.





Results 25/05/13, Series D

Saturday, June 15th, 2013
Series D Race 3 Race 4
25/05/2013 25/05/2013
James J/Bill J 1 1453 1 1428
Kevin T 2 1640 2 1467
David T/Joy W DNS DNS

Most of the GP14’s away at Purcell races at Newtonards this weekend. James J as helm with Bill J as crew have been awarded an LFYC skippers handicap of 1170.

It was windy with each race comprising of two laps in culmore bay.

Thanks to Ken D as OD and George D as rescue cover. Great to see David T and Joy W back on the water repaired with new mast.

Results 23/05/13

Saturday, June 15th, 2013
Series C Race 5
Keith L/Alan T 1 py
Danny G/ Gareth G 2 py
Peter F/James H 3 py
Bill J/James J 4 py

Spectacular racing in Culmore bay tonight. Very windy. Bill and James went over twice and after the second capsize their mainsail did not seem to set properly. Keith and Alan (could not dump the sails quickly enough in fast gusts) also went over with Danny and Gareth passing them out on the close reach up to Harts but Keith and Alan gave a master class in downwind sailing in high winds under spinnaker to win the race.