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Racing 09/oct/2010

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Racing today was cancelled it was too windy.

A few people hung around to do some work on boats, then the wind died then Anton H and Dermot M went out on the Phantoms for a blast. A great sailing day was had, with some great fast reaching.

Congratulations to the ladies rowing team. They completed another sponsored row from Prehen to Culmore in difficult conditions.

Spotted this funny video about capsizing rs100’s

Race Results, Series I, Races 1 and 2. 02/oct/2010

Monday, October 4th, 2010
Series I race 1 race 2
Skipper/Crew 02/10/10 25/09/10
Kevin L/James L 1 1
Danny G/Gareth G 2 2
Bill J/Barry McN 3 5
Dermot M 4 4
Paul B/Jennifer C DNF DNS
James H Laser DNS 3

Very windy squally conditions dropped to nothing then picked up again. Many thanks to George G for OD duties and working the rescue boat. Very close racing between Gallaghers and Lynchs at the top of the fleet, just seconds in it on the second race.

Race results Series H races 10, 11 25/09/10

Monday, October 4th, 2010
Series H race 10 race 11
Skipper/Crew 25/09/10 25/09/10
Ken L/David L 3 1
Danny G/Gareth G 2 2
George G 4 3
Kevin L/James L 1 4
Ronan M 5 5
Paul B/Anton H 6 6
Anthony G/Todd S 7 rtd

A warm welcome is extended to potential new members Paul Beardmore in his Wayfarer and to Ronan Magee and his wife.
Paul in his Wayfarer has been awarded a handicap of 1190. Ronan went out on a laser and was awarded a starting handicap of 1232.