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Frostbite series

Sunday, November 16th, 2014
Frostbite series 2014
2015-11-14   Race 1 Race 2  
Gareth G/Richard G 3 2297 1 2173
Kevin L/James L 2 2262 2 2175
Peter F/James H 6 2343 3 2180
Ken L/Emerald H 1 2253 9 2347
Bill J/ James J 4 2322 6 2294
Alan T/Owen McC 5 2337 8 2339
Anton H/Barry McN DNC   4 2262
James H Snr (Phantom) ONC   5 2282
Kevin Tuffy DNC   7 2314

A beautiful day sun shining and wind blowing F2-3 from the NE. We raced for the Brian Frazer Memorial Shield in combined results over race 1 + 2. Gareth and Richard G won it with ease and style. Congratulations to the lads, surely the most improved crew this year, now very much competing at the top of the fleet. Congratulations also to the organizers of the Frostbite series (Gareth G, James H and Co). Its the first frostbite series in Culmore we have had (for a long time)(ever). Delete to suit!

The next race is on the 25th. See you there.



Hot toddy events over the last 5 years – web archive

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

a lot of sailing and a lot of whiskey- perfect

Hot toddy 2010

Hot toddy 2011

Hot toddy 2012

Hot toddy 2013

Hot toddy 2014

Hot toddy event

Saturday, November 8th, 2014
Hot Toddy          
01/11/14   Race 1   Race 2 overall
Ken L/Davy L 3 1059 1 1288 1
Kevin L/James L 2 1042 2 1314 2
Gareth G/Richard G 1 1029 5 1348 3
Bill J/ James J 5 1192 3 1330 4
Alan T/Owen McC 4 1104 4 1346 5
Anton H/Barry McN 6 1214 6 1374 6

Another great George Doherty hot toddy event. Sailing in Culmore bay, starting at the perch up to harts, down to a mark opposite George G house then over the double bouy at the power station twice round. Kevin and James L sailed very well especially after not being out much this year.

It was windy today with strong gusts. Two capsizes. In race one Bill and James J went over and recovered quickly. In race 2 Anton H and Barry McN took a swim but the boat went partially turtle and took a bit of extra effort to get her back up.
All good crack and it made the hot whiskey even more welcome.

racing 18/10/14

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

racing today was cancelled due to high winds




Peace Bridge race and series J Race 5

Saturday, November 8th, 2014
Peace Bridge Race 04/10/14
Ken L/Davy L 1
Alan T/Owen McC 2
Gareth G/Richard G 3
James P Hockley (phantom) 4
Anton H/Guest crew
Kevin T 6

The Peace Bridge Race this year was raced locally (without actually going to the Peace Bridge). Hopefully we will get the full race going again next year.
Ken Louden won it in handsome style.

After the PBR we held a regular club race in Series J

Series J    
04/10/14 R5  
Alan T/Owen McC 1 1617
Gareth G/Richard G 2 1639
James P Hockley (phantom) 3 1643
Ken L/Davy L 4 1648
Kevin T 5 1763
Anton H/Guest crew
6 2120

James P Hockley was sailing Alan T’s Phantom at an LFYC handicap of 1127 (the same as Alan).
Actually the handicap didnt affect the positions. It worked out that the boats are placed after the handicap calculation in the same order as they crossed the line.