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GP14 training day

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Richard Street (GP14 Association of Ireland, President) will visit LFYC on Sunday 18th starting at 10.30am to run a training day.

It would be graet to see as many GP’s out sailing as possible for what will no doubt be a very informative and helpful day.

Hurricane upsets Foyle Festival sailing races!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

The Foyle Festival cup was cancelled due to NW Ireland being hit by Hurricane Katia. LFYC sailors weere seen taking down masts and tying down boats and making the yard safe in preperation for 100kph winds.

Series G, race 7 06/09/11

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Racing tonight was cancelled due to it being a dull evening with a lack of wind :(….

and so ended tuesday and thursday sailing for 2011 as tonight was the last midweek race of the year with evenings now getting dark at about 8.15

Series F, Race 8, 06/09/11

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011
Series F race 8
Bill J/Keith L 1 1604
Anton H/George G 2 2121
Conor G 3 2354

A very windy evening with a very strong tide to make things doubly interesting. Racing in Culmore Bay. Bill J and Keith J made it look easy quickly establishing a massive lead. Anton H and George G were happy to get round without going for a swim. Conor G did well to navigate across the channel to the power station and back in the Solo against a very strong tide – difficult tonight even with the good breeze in.

Series H 03/09/11

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011
Series H race 1 race 2
03/09/11 03/09/11
George G 1 1813 DNS
Bill J/James J 2 1818 2 1812
Gareth G/Danny G 3 1869 5 1869
James H Jnr/Keith L 4 1890 1 1737
Kevin T 5 2037 3 1858
Mark McC/Owen McC 6 2046 4 1862
Anton H DNS 5 1903

Racing in the bay, thanks to Anton H and George G who took turns standing in as OD. James H Jnr took over as skipper of Keith L’s new GP and did it justice in the second race.

Thur 1st Sept 2011 Series G Race 6

Friday, September 2nd, 2011
Series G race 6
30/09/11 seconds
James H Jnr/James H Snr 1 2225
Dermot M 2 2274
Bill J/Keith L 3 2450
Joy W/David T 4 2454
George G 5 2506
Danny G/Gareth G 6 2508
James L/Owen McC 7 2513
Todd S/Anthony G 8 2604

Racing in Culmore bay tonight, starboard course start at the bouy near the slipway, power station, harts, a mark near mckenna’s. twice round. F2 – 3

Great to see the Hockley team out, with James H Jnr and James H Snr racing very well. Bill J was out with Keith L.
The race started well enough but swirling tides and a wind hole at the power station bunched everyone up. Eventually Dermot M, Hockley’s and George G got away with Dermot M and J Hockley creating a good lead. Joy W and David T were sailing very well.

Good to see Richard G out and about in a Pico, sailing well.

Best wishes to Ken L who is recovering from an Appendixoperation. Hope to see him out and about soon.

Tue 30/08/11 Race 8 Series F

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

It was always going to be a battle against falling wind F1 – 2 and dropping. A one lap race was held in Culmore Bay. The first two boats made it round Harts in good time then the wind dropped at Harts leaving Bill J/James J and George G struggling.

Kevin L/ James L  1st

Anton H 2nd

Bill J/James J 3rd

George G 4rt

Sat 27 Aug Sailing

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

There was no race today but Anton H, Dermot M and George G went for a practice sail down to Black Brea/Muff area. Dermot and Anton swapped boats to compare tuning set up on the Phantoms.