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racing 19/04/14 Series A

Monday, April 21st, 2014
Series A Race 6 Race 7
Alan T 1 2337 1
Peter F/James H 2 2360 rtd
Ken L/Davy L 3 2413 2
Anton H 4 2502 3

Light wind action this am (10am start). Very sunny and warm. In race 2 Anton H got stuck and had to wait for the wind which could be seen across the bay carrying Ken and Davy L and Alan T home to the finish line. Peter F and James H drifted alongside a tug boat at the dock forcing a rtd. Thanks to Peter F Snr who waited at the line for Anton H to finish race 2.

Racing 17/04/14 Series B

Monday, April 21st, 2014
Series B Race 3 Race 4 combined
17/04/14 pts places
Ken L/Davy L 1 1963 2 3 1
Alan T/James H 2 2069 3 5 2
Anton H 3 2105 7 10 4
James J/Bill J 4 2112 7 11 5
Joe K/Richard G 5 2146 1 6 3
George G 7 7 14 6

Two short races tonight with results combined to give a single result. Light winds in both races but in the second race the wind dropped a strong flood tide made finishing an accomplishment in itself with three boats RTD. Congratulations to Joe and Richard who scored their first win (second race). Many thanks to L Harrigan who towed a few boats home today!

Archive material

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

There is now a considerable results archive built up over 4 years. The archive is accessible by going to the years sailing schedule (from 2010 to present) here:  The back years can be found at the top of the page!

So for example if we choose the Second Race of Series B we can see that in:

2014 this result applied

2013 details here

2012 looked a bit cold and too damn windy (I think I remember coming down to Culmore that day and being frightened to get out of the car)

2011 was also freezing and poor light??? (I can’t remember that although it sounds perfectly plausible)

2010 was good but challenging (I can’t remember that day either but it seems there was plenty of swimming)




Sailing in Moville 07/06/14

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

There will be a special Dinghy race in Moville on Sat 07/06/14.

A number of boats from Coleraine are expected to add to the mix as well as a number of new GP14’s from Moville. LFYC plan on incorporate our normal club sailing with the event in Moville that day. Sailing in Moville is always good crack and we hope to get as many LFYC boats in Moville as possible.

BTW, I note MBC has a nice new webpage including a history of Lough Foyle Punt Sail numbers and a copy of the Punt Design Regulations



racing tue 15/04/14 Series B

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
Series B Race 2
15/04/14  LFYC HC
Alan T/James H 1 2076
Anton H 2 2100
Ken L/Davy L 3 2132
James J/Bill J 4 2134
Danny G/Gareth G 5 2146
Joe K/Richard G 6 2287
George G DNS

A very fine evening with sunshine and wind. F3 SW. Start at the perch, up to harts, run down to Conniborrow (a very dead run near conniborrow, causing a dodgy moment for Anton H in the Laser) reach over to Faughan back to a mark near the slipway back to conniborrow, faughan, finish.

Congratulations to Alan T who skippered Peter F’s GP14 and sailed it very well indeed helped and guided of course by an expert crew in James Peter H.

Anton H went well in the Laser. James J and Bill J accidentally hit a mark and earned a nasty scratch. Mark rounding in deceptively strong tide is always tricky in Culmore!

Welcome back to sailing to Danny and Gareth G.

Thanks to Liam H as Coxwain and to Peter F as OD.


Racing 12/04/14 Series A

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
Series A Race 4 Race 5
Peter F/James H 1 1
Bill J/James J 2 2
Anton H dnf dns

Very windy day. There was a long wait while people decided to go or not. Eventually just three boats ventured out. Anton H in his Laser got as far as the start line and made a start but concluded that falling in was an inevitability rather than a possibility and RTD and headed for the shore. Bill and James and Peter and James sailed on and had two good races. A good few LFYC spectators watched the action from the warm dry safety of their cars parked on the slipway. They were additionally entertained by a couple of lads who were struggling to launch a powerboat – a bit cruel yes, but in fairness it was quete funny.
Bill and James went for a swim over near Harts but recovered well.
Many thanks to Liam H and George D who were out in the new rescue boat.

Series A 05/04/14

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Series A

Race 2


Race 3







Ken L/Davy L





Bill J/Alan T





Joe K/Richard G





Anton H





Racing commenced at 11.00am. Also at 11 was the launch of the new Foyle Sailability boat at the pontoon in town. LFYC are pleased to be involved in this project which had its first outing last summer and its great to see it taking the next step of buying its own boats. There is a wonderful sense of joy when you first realise that you are in control and making way powered by the wind. This project makes that joyful experience accessible to people with disabilities.


Back to racing in Culmore, a long course today, starting at the slipway up to harts, powerstation, run down to conniborrow, reach over to faughan x2. Bill J/Alan T and Ken and Davy Louden had a great race in 2 with Ken and Davy having trailed for most of the race eventually managing the building ebb slightly better to come out as winners.

Joe K and Richard G LFYC handicap has been changed to PY (1127) at the request of the skipper.


Series B, Race 1, 01/04/14

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
Series B Race 1  
Anton H   RTD
Ken L/Davy L 1 1839
James J/Bill J 2 1886
Peter F/James H 3 1894
Alan T 4 1933
Johnny Coyle/Crew 5 2111

Racing from the Perch to Muff, over to Fahan, run back up to the powerstation and beat back through the line. Nice Northerly breeze F3 to 4
Anton H sailed well in the Laser particularly on the close reach down to Muff but retired due to a starboard incident having neglected to do his 360, doh and double doh! There was some gusty moments causing a few dicey moments here and there particularly at the Fahan mark when bearing away. Ken and Davy L are continuing unchallenged in front much as they left off last year!!

James J is the skipper in Alakadoo in Series B and has been awarded a LFYC handicap of 1180

Welcome to Jonny Coyle and crew who sailed the club GP14 with a handicap of 1190.

Series A Race 1+2 29/03/14

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
Series A Race 1   Race 2  
 29/03/14    29/03/14  
  Race declared null by OD      
Ken L/Davy L  n   1 1875
Peter F/James H  n   2 1904
Joe K/Richard G  n   3 1908
Alan T  n   4 1912
Bill J/James J  n   5 1977
Anton H  n   6 1966

The LFYC club sailing started in confusion at the mark! This caused the OD to declare the race void. On the upside it was a very nice day (sunny F3 Easterly) and the new rescue boat was put to work for the first time. Many thanks to Liam H for taking on the role as Coxwain.

Thanks also to Peter F Senior for taking on the role as OD.

We raced from a line off the slipway to a mark near the oil jetty, up to a mark upstream from the powerstation reached over to Harts and ran down to a Mark near George G’s house and back through the line. Welcome to Joe Kelly who launched his new GP14 and also to Anton H who sailed his new Laser for the first time in Culmore today also.

Joe Kelly has been awarded an LFYC handicap of 1185. Anton H has been awarded a handicap of 1180.

There was a protest made regarding an incident the mark at Harts but it was dismissed by the OD.

The £2 subs rule was brought into force today for the first time. Each boat pays £2 per sailing day to help with rescue boat running costs. Please ensure you pay the OD.