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Moville Regatta – LFYC on Tour

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Danny McDonald from Moville Boat Club extends this invitation to sail in the Regatta this saturday (race starts at 12):

Hi Anton

I take this opportunity to invite you and all your sailors to the Moville Regatta taking place this Saturday 4th August to Monday 6th August 2012. (if you can please pass this email on to your members)

Saturday’s Race Programme starts with the dinghies at 12.00 sharp and the second dinghly race directly after. The presentation for these races will be on Saturday evening (time / venue tbc)

If any of your dinghy sailors are interested in going on the cruiser race at 1430hrs on Saturday please forward me their details as we are always short of crew for this race.

Race Programme for Sunday 5th August starts with Drontheim racing (time tbc) followed by cruiser race at 1300 hrs sharp and then the model boat racing at 1630 hours. Sundays presentation will be after the racing (time / venue tbc)

Mondays Race Programme is the Foyle Punts starting at 1400hrs with presentation after the racing (time / venue tbc)

Look forward to seeing you all there


I plan to head to Moville leaving Culmore at about 10. There will be us, the boats from Moville plus I believe a number of boats from Coleraine are going to be there also so it should be a good race. It would be great to see a big LFYC turnout.

This was the scene from last year:

Results 28/07/12 Series F Races 5+6

Monday, July 30th, 2012
Series F race 5 race 6
28/07/12 28/07/12
Alan T 1 2255 1 2278
Ken L/David L 2 2306 3 2392
Bill J/James J 3 2332 5 2449
Ken D/Ciaran H 4 2345 4 2431
Anton H 5 2648 6 2482
Dermot M DNF 2 2282
George G RTD** DNF

Shifty, gusty, windy day. Gusts and shifts baffled Anton H in race 1. Dermot M lost his rudder which was kindly rescued by George G. George G then retired from race 1.

Dermot M made repairs and was back out for race 2.

The Phantoms were out in force with Dermot M and Alan T having a great race.

Bill J and James J were sailing very well in strong winds.

Many thanks to Anthony G who stood in as OD

Results 24/07/12 Series G Race 3

Monday, July 30th, 2012
Series G race 3
Ken L/David L 1 2626
Anton H 2 2682
George G 3 2763
Bill J 4 2872
Dermot M/Cecil T 5 2946
Ken D/Ciaran H DNF

Light wind action tonight. A number of boats decided to stay on shore in view of very light winds. It was light but the winds picked up a bit toward the end of the race. One lap starting at the end of the slip, then Fahan, conniborow and back around a mark near the end of the slip.

Results 21/07/12

Monday, July 30th, 2012
Series D race 3 race 4
21/07/12 21/07/12
Ken L/David L 1 3441 3 1728
Kevin T 4 3735 1 1708
Alan T 3 3641 2 1723
Dermot M/Cecil T 2 3483 4 1781

The first race took over an hour but the second race took less than half an hour. I wonder did it get windy or did they shorten the course? Well done to Kevin T who sailed very well in Race 2.

This was teh last race of series D. Poor series D only had four races over two days. It was very badly affected by high winds earlier this year.

Results 19/07/12

Monday, July 30th, 2012
Series H race 1 race 2
19/07/12 19/07/12
Ken L/David L 1 2107 1 2172 4279 1
Dermot M/Cecil T 4 2215 2 2185 4400 2
Alan T 2 2101 6 2308 4409 3
George G 3 2196 5 2301 4497 4
Kevin L/James L 5 2221 3 2295 4516 5
Danny G/Gareth G 7 2301 4 2295 4596 6
David T/Joy W 6 2234 7 2371 4605 7

The OD decided to run two short races and combine the results for this race. The second last column is the combined corrected times. Good to see Kevin L and James L back out sailing. Also good to see David T and Joy W. Dermot M and Cecil T are making their way up the fleet in teh new ICon class dinghy.

Junior Helm B 18th July

Monday, July 30th, 2012

This race was cancelled (as far as I know)

Results 17/07/12

Monday, July 30th, 2012
Series G race 1
Ken L/David L 1 2694
Keith L/Dessie H 2 2758
Dermot M/Cecil T 3 2788
Danny G/Gareth G 4 2791
Alan T 5 2788
Ken D/Ciaran H 6 2875

I didnt see this race, I assume Dermot M was sailing the Icon with Cecil T rather than single handed on the Phantom. The results show a close race with less than five minutes splitting first and last boats in an hours racing.

Punt Regatta

Monday, July 30th, 2012

I don’t have the results here for this race. Kevin L took over as skipper in James H’s Punt his debut as a Punt skipper. (James H was away at work). Anton and Jack H were crew, Anton H second time in a Punt and Jack H’s debut. It was a windy day with sailing in Culmore bay. The novice crew did well getting ahead in the early stages of both races but being reeled in by the old hands before the end. In the second race Jack H was pretty busy bailing as a big gulp of water came on board.

A great day out.

Results 7/7/12 Series F Races 3+4

Monday, July 30th, 2012
Series F race 3 race 4
07/07/12 07/07/12
Ken L/David L 1 1044 1 984
Alan T 2 1094 2 1067
Anton H DNF 3 1081

A very fast windy early morning sail with corrected times of about 1000 (18 mins) seconds for a course twice round culmore bay.

Anton H broke a lower shroud in race one but made a repair to participate in Race 2. Alan T and Anton H had a great race with Alan T making a close escape at the jibe mark with Anton H chasing his rudder. An absolutely fantastic day out in the Phantoms.

Results Series H

Friday, July 6th, 2012
Series H race 1 race 2
05/07/12 05/07/12
Bill J/James J 1 3534 1 1465
Ken L/Cecil T 4 3660 2 1503
Danny G/Gareth G 5 3678 3 1565
Alan T 2 3567 6 1948
Dermot M 6 3774 4 1643
Joe K/Shay K 3 3654 DNS
Anton H/Jack H DNF 5 1663

Congratulations to Joe and Shay Kelly who started to race their new GP14 today. Welcome to LFYC guys. Anton and Jack H met the Kellys with a bang just after the start of race one. A very nice evening F3. Strong flooding tide.

Course starting at the perch, beat to Muff, reach to Faughan, dead run or double reach to Power station and beat back through the line.
Tow races were held today to ctach up after the postponed dinghy racing on tuesday due to the Clipper Punt Race.

Great to see Cecil T out sailing with Ken L. A very experienced team!

Also great to see our club secretary Colum F out for a sail with his daughter.

LFYC handicap notes:

The Kellys were awarded an LFYC handicap of 1185. Dermot M’s LFYC handicap will be changed to 1100 from here onwards. Bill Johnsons LFYC will be changed to 1150 from here onwards.

Joe and Shay Kelly’s new Gp14 with Cecil T and Danny G

Colum F setting up his Laser 2