Results Series H

Series H race 1 race 2
05/07/12 05/07/12
Bill J/James J 1 3534 1 1465
Ken L/Cecil T 4 3660 2 1503
Danny G/Gareth G 5 3678 3 1565
Alan T 2 3567 6 1948
Dermot M 6 3774 4 1643
Joe K/Shay K 3 3654 DNS
Anton H/Jack H DNF 5 1663

Congratulations to Joe and Shay Kelly who started to race their new GP14 today. Welcome to LFYC guys. Anton and Jack H met the Kellys with a bang just after the start of race one. A very nice evening F3. Strong flooding tide.

Course starting at the perch, beat to Muff, reach to Faughan, dead run or double reach to Power station and beat back through the line.
Tow races were held today to ctach up after the postponed dinghy racing on tuesday due to the Clipper Punt Race.

Great to see Cecil T out sailing with Ken L. A very experienced team!

Also great to see our club secretary Colum F out for a sail with his daughter.

LFYC handicap notes:

The Kellys were awarded an LFYC handicap of 1185. Dermot M’s LFYC handicap will be changed to 1100 from here onwards. Bill Johnsons LFYC will be changed to 1150 from here onwards.

Joe and Shay Kelly’s new Gp14 with Cecil T and Danny G

Colum F setting up his Laser 2

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