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Series I Races 5+6 22/10/11

Monday, October 24th, 2011
Series I race 5 race 6
22/10/11 22/10/11
Danny G/Gareth G 1 1286 2 1311
Anton H 4 1419 1 1243
Kevin L/James L 2 1326 4 1448
Bill J/Stephen B 3 1388 3 1347

Racing in Culmore Bay. Exceptionally gusty and fluky wind conditions ranging from near nothing to F5. Great race for the finish line between Bill J and Anton H at end of first race. In the second race a gust knocked over Kevin and James L and very nearly everyone else. Kevin and James L got her back up without any problems.  Anton H was very lucky to stay in the Phantom at the Gibe mark just managing to hold on as the boat rolled wildly. Many thanks to George G for OD and rescue.

Series I Races 3+4 08/10/11

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011
SeriesI race 3 race 4
08/10/11 08/10/11
Bill J/James J 1 1907 4 2086
Danny G/Gareth G 2 1935 1 1900
Anton H 4 1986 2 2000
James L/James H 3 1946 3 2060

Not a great day when we arrived, rain and dull but as we got the boats ready it stopped raining and brightened….with a F3/4Westerly giving very nice sailing conditions. Sailing in Culmore bay. Many thanks to Ken D for being OD.

Hog Roast event 28/10/11

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

There will be a fund raising social evening featuring a traditional Hog Roast on Friday the 28th of October.

danny gallagher ;)We would like all LFYC regular sailors to buy up to 10 tickets and sell them/give them away to their friends and family. Tickets are available from the Vice Commodore Daniel Gallagher. (+44 7720464085)

This not to be missed event will be held in Campsie Masonic Hall. A full bar will be available. The evenings entertainment will include music from local muscians, oul sailing stories and lies, excellent food and craic.

Everybody welcome, family fun, open to all ages.

A great way to find out more about LFYC, support LFYC and introduce new friends. The first gun for sailing on saturday is at 15.00, Danny will be there, its an ideal opportunity to pick up tickets then.

Series I races 1 +2 01/10/11

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
Series 1 race 1 race 2
01/10/11 01/10/11
George G 1 2467 DNS
Bill J/Bridget J 2 2581 2 2238
Danny G/Gareth G DNS 1 2081
Anton H/Jack H 3 2608 3 2272

A nice F2/3 blowing from the NW. Starting at the perch, down to fahan, over to conniborrow, back to powerstation X2.
Bridget J managed the spinaker with great skill – amazing for a first time out this year, great to see her down at the club. Many thanks to Mark and Owen McCauley for being OD and rescue.
A training session was held after the races with a number of junior sailors being introduced to the club. Bill J acted as OD with help from James H Jnr, James L and Owen McC.

Series H 24/09/11 Races 5+6

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
Series H race 5 race 6
24/09/11 24/09/11
Anthony G/Thearsa 1 1
Anton H DNF 3
George G 2 2

A very windy day. It was one of those days where we nearly didnt go, but in the end after much discussion boats were launched. In race one Anton H, capsized (good recovery) but then at the jibe mark came around fast and broke the kicker on the Phantom and was forced to retire. In race two Anthony G and Theresa were blown over in a big gust, which then made its way down the course and knocked over Anton H also. Both boats recovered well. George G went for a swim also getting overpowered on the last lap reach in his Solo. A great days sailing fun, with burst of real speed, everone came in laughing and in great form. Anthony G sailed very well in the old Scorpion.

GP14 sailing in Sligo

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Many of the Lough Foyle fleet (16 helms and crew from LFYC and MBC) went to the GP14 Sligo event on the weekend of  24/25 sept. Owen McCauley did particularly well winning 2nd in the Junior Helm race.

Saturday was very windy with a fair size wave to adding complexity to difficulty. Pretty much everyone went for a swim at one stage or another. Luck and specific conditions played a part in how quickly and cleanly the recovery was made.

Pictures and more reportage to follow……….

GP14 Training Day

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

LFYC are very thankful to Richard Street (GP14 class president) who travelled from Blessington to Lough Foyle to run a training day for our fast developing GP14 fleet.

The day was a great success with everyone benifiting from Mr Streets tips and insights.

Dermot M sailed with Junior Helm Jack H and they had a particularly exciting day as winds strengthened. Richard Street emphasised constant adjustment of the kicker, letting it go during the lulls and pulling on during gusts.

Series H Races 2+3 17/09/11

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
Series H race 2 race 3
17/09/11 17/09/11
Dermot m DNF 2
Bill J/James J 1 1

Bill J and Dermot M raced as others stayed ashore waiting for the training day the following day. Dermot M ran into a spot of trouble near the power station getting stuck in irons and then getting pushed back onto the pier. He got free without injury or damage.