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The Frostbite Series 04/11/17

Monday, January 8th, 2018

This year for the first year in a long time we ran a Frostbite series. The Series comprised of four SAT morning races in November. The Frostbite series was primarily intended for the Laser class but all boats are welcome.

Race 1 (2 Laps)

1st Anton H
2nd Kevin T
3rd Dermot D

Race 2 (1 lap)

1st Anton H
2nd Kevin T
3rd Dermot D

Race 3 (1 lap)

1st Anton H
2nd Kevin T
3rd Dermot D

Racing in Culmore Bay with variable winds. Just before racing was started a squall came in and Anton H went over twice in quick succession. Dermot also took a swim a bit later. Many thanks to Liam H in the rescue boat and to Big Pete and Ken L as officers. We adjourned after the race to the hut for coffee and cake.

Foyle Flotilla 14/Oct/17

Monday, January 8th, 2018

On the 14 Oct 17 LFYC was pleased to join the Foyle Flotilla. The Foyle Flotilla was organised by the Loughs Agency and it brought together all the main boating clubs including ourselves, the rowers, the canoe club, Sea Scouts and Foyle Sailability.

We sailed from Culmore into the city centre had a bit of fun in town and a picnic then turned back with tide. A great day.

Special thanks to Kevin Lynch who made the arrangements from the LFYC side.

Many thanks to all the organisers and helpers (esp, those in rescue boats, we all appreciated the tow home when the wind dropped near Thornhill bank).

About 10 LFYC boats went into town a mix of GP14s, Punts and Lasers.

Phantoms UK Nationals

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Challanging conditions. Plastic phantoms looks great though….

Push the Boat Out

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

The Push the Boat Out event in Derry was organised by LFYC with special thanks to Nigel McB and Kieran D. It was a great day out with over 30 people coming down to Culmore to give sailing a try. It was very enjoyable for everyone and from the point of view of one who was in a boat bringing people out it was great to meet so many people.

Many thanks to all who helped out on the day especially Ken L (who caught boats coming in and helped getting all the new people onboard safely), the rescue boat drivers – Liam and James. Many thanks also to Fiona and Tracey who ran the tent with wonderful hospitality.

taste of sailing- starter sessions

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Experience the fun of sailing with a “Taste of Sailing” at Lough Foyle Yacht Club on the banks of the Foyle at Culmore Point.

The taster sessions start on the First Friday of May from 7pm until 9pm and continue every Friday right through until September, tide and weather permitting. The cost is £10 per session or £20 for 3 sessions payable at the event. If you decide to become a member of the club these sessions are free.

Book now using eventbrite

More details here

Culmore Regatta 2016

Sunday, September 11th, 2016

The Culmore Regatta 2016 was blessed with good sailing conditions and great racing. A few notable sailing achievements.

Congratulations to the winners (I think the Gallaghers won race 1 and the Louden’s race 2)

Kevin and Caoimhe Lynch dusted down their GP14 for the Regatta. They sailed exceptionally well: Comhghairdeachas libh!

The regatta overall sailing highlight was probably the second Punt race. For the first time there was a joint first. The Hockleys and the McCanns crossed the line at the exact same time. A great crowd had gathered to watch them and cheered as they battled it out but it was impossible to split them.

Congratulations to the Regatta organisers and helpers, it was a great event.

(I am not sure who to thank for the Photos, but thanks to whoever, there are lots of photos and videos on FB, LFYC page)

The start of Race 1 for the Dinghys. (With the Lynchs in 13519)

Familiar faces.

Joint First. Hockleys and McCanns crossed the line at the exact same time

Racing Series F 20/08/16

Sunday, August 21st, 2016
Series F Race 5   Race 6  
20/08/2016   corrected   corrected
Ken L/Ryan L 1 2930 2 2022
Anton H (Laser) 3 3019 1 1933
Bill J/Owen McC 2 3011 3 2065
Kevin T (Laser) 4 3219 4 2224
Liam D (Laser) 5 3624 DNF  

Welcome to the McLaughlin lads who were sailing in a club Pico today. I get a sense of future racers there. Liam D was awarded an LFYC handicap of 1230.

Race one from the Perch to Culmore Bay mark, Harts, Power station, Fahan X 2. Taking 55 minutes in F3 winds from the west.

Race two was shorter: Perch, Culmore Bay mark, Harts, Power Station X 2. Taking 37 minutes. Flooding tide. The two GPs were ahead but spent time messing each other up allowing Anton H to catch up on them and win it on handicap.

Getting Ready to sail: Thanks to Kieran Doran for the picture

Moville Regatta

Friday, August 19th, 2016

We all headed down to Moville early on Saturday morning. Joe Kelly was organizing for MBC (many thanks Joe, a great job) and he said it would start at 11. In a shock development it actually did start fairly near 11ish.

A good fleet turned up from Coleraine with lasers and toppers. The weather was kind. The kettle was on, there was loads of food and crack. It was great.

I think Ken and Davy L won the first race and the McGuinness Bros. the second race but am not sure about that.

I know all in LFYC look forward to this event every year and this year was brilliant. We look forward to next year. (Check out Sean McC photos from 2013)

The fleet makes its way out to Moville Light

Group shot

Anton and Aoife H rented a boat from Inishowen Adventures and a great day out on the water

Break the Boom race. A unique sailing event!

Sunday, July 31st, 2016


Its August again, the boom needs to be broken, the siege lifted and the citizens saved.

LFYC are proud to be co-hosts the Mountjoy Challenge with the Maiden City Festival

The Mountjoy is the name of the ship whose long boats broke the boom in 1689. This race is named after her. Captain Browning of the Mountjoy was shot while hacking at the boom and died later of his injuries.

This year will be the third year we have held such an event. (2013, 2015 and this year)

A boom will be laid at the Marina near the Council offices. A race will be held from a start position near the Foyle Bridge. Being first is not enough, the boom must broken, skippers and crews should arm themselves with knifes and such. Jacobite and Williamite boats are welcome.

The race is on Saturday 06/08/16 at 11.00 at the start line (from a committee boat) in Rosses bay (just the city side of the Foyle Bridge). We will be leaving Culmore at 10.00 to allow time to get up. The race is a dinghy race, all classes are welcome. This is not a PY race, it is a straight forward dash (although Navigation marks must be observed).

After the race we will tie up at the Marina and go ashore for the presentations and tea and coffees. This is a unique Lough Foyle event, it is historic, celebrates a special history and great fun.


We left Culmore in good time and sailed into town in a nice breeze coming directly down the river (so there were plenty of tack required)

Liam H moored in Rosses bay and formed a line to a navigation mark. The race started in well with Anton H getting out in front in the Laser. Ken and Ryan L broke the boom overhauling Anton H within a couple of boat lengths of the finish. A musket man fired over the boats as they came in.

We all came ashore at the Derry City marina and the Apprentice Boys Governor Jim Brownlee did the prize giving on the Marina. We then went for tea and coffees in a near by coffee shop.

The sail home was easy as we had tide and wind behind us.

Many thanks to the Apprentice Boys and to the Maiden City Festival. Thanks also to Danny G for laying the boom and Peter F and Liam H for bringing up the support boats. Thanks also to John O’K and Joan D for co-ordination and support.

Ken and Ryan L break the boom in 2016.

Gov. Jim Brownlee speaking at the end of the race

The 2016 schedule _ published

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

The provisional LFYC 2016 schedule is now published. All dinghy classes and all levels of sailors are welcome. There is a LFYC skippers handicap scheme to give sailors and boats of every class and ability a good chance.

This year there are some noteable changes to the schedule: and I draw your attention to the following:

NEW: Wednesday evening series. This replaces the Tuesday and Thursday night races that occurred every other week depending on tide. Now there is a race every Wednesday, easy to remember and easy to plan for!

NEW: Novice crew. There is a special series for those who are sailing together as a team for the first season.

PUNTS: There is a series of LOUGH FOYLE PUNT races! These are spectacular to watch. Highly recommended viewing, keep your eye out on his blog.

SPECIAL EVENTS: This year we look forward to the Peace Bridge Race, the 3rd Clipper festival, the Mountjoy Challenge, the Moville Regatta, and at the end of the season the Hot Toddy event.

TRAINING: We will be holding TRAINING SESSIONS on Friday nights between May and Sept. Friday Evenings 7pm to 9 pm (Tide & Weather Permitting)Cost Only £10 per session or (£20 for 3 sessions)For more information, or to Book: Email: Or Phone Bill: 07845 148180