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Racing 08/10/16

Monday, October 10th, 2016
Series H Race 7   Race 8  
08/10/16   corrected   corrected
Ken L/Jack H 1 1899 2 1511
Bill J/Joe McC 2 2212 1 1497
Nigel McB (Laser) 4 2335 5 1807
Kevin T (Laser) 5 2429 4 1664
Ciaran M/Eva M 3 2292 3 1635

Wind was in short supply and it looked like we would not get out, but then it filled in and we had a good day.
Racing to Faughan then Conniborrow and back. Two races one lap each.
Ken L sailing with Jack H. Anton H was OD.
Congratulations to Bill and Joe who sailed very well in race two.

Congratulations also to Nigel McB who sailed very well in his new Laser.

Racing 01/10/16 Series H

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016
Series H Race 5   Race 6  
01/10/16   corrected   corrected
Ken L/Barry McN 1 3246 1 1657
Anton H/Jack H 2 3558 2 1933
Bill J/Joe McC DSQ 3582 3 2343
James McL (Laser) 3 4627 DNS  
Kevin T (Laser) 4 4881 DNS  
Ciaran M/Eva M DNF   DNS  
Kieran D (Laser) DNF   DNS  
George G (Solo) DNF   DNS  
Ciaran M/Eva M DNF   DNS  

Barry McN was spotted at Caw roundabout and was quickly Shanghaied and was given sailing gear and put to work on the Louden boat without discussion. He made good and was released after the race. He should of known better than to be driving about on the Waterside on a Saturday.

A fine day, good breeze. Strong tides in the first race caused the boats to stretch apart and a number of DNFs.  Very strong tides in the second race but a shorter race dodging the tide with a hundred tacks down near the oyster beds. the wind died just at the end of the evening and some paddling was required.

Bill J and Joe  McC went around teh wrong course and were subsequently DSQ.

Congratulations to Eva M who was sailing at the helm for the first time earlier in the day in a Laser Pico.


Racing Series H 24/09/16

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016
Series H Race 3   Race 4  
24/09/2016   corrected   corrected
Ken L/James P H 1 2290 1 2273
Anton H/Jack H 2 2347 2 2324
George G (Solo) 3 2630 4 2565
Ciaran M/Eva M 4 2681 3 2522
Nigel McBride DNF   DNF  

A great day for sailing with good breezes. We went down to Fahan and Conniborrow. The tight reach across the bay was not really viable for the spinnakers. Anton H and Jack H are certainly beginning to get the hang of the new Gp14 although they should go around the marks not through them. Ciaran and Eva are going very well in their GP and pounced forward when the two front boats were struggling on the spinnaker reach. Not shy!

Sport NI event of 17/09/16

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016


We gathered in Culmore along with Rowers from the City of Derry Rowing Club and the Canoe club.

There must of been maybe about 100 boats in all. A great atmosphere was all around on the shore.


An official from Sport NI called for order and made a short speech on the shore advising people to proceed in an orderly fashion. In a surprise development that is more or less what happened. (Thanks to Gerard Harkin for the photos)

Good crack all round. We sailed back on a dead run the whole way home but against the tide. We were fortunate that there ws enough wind to get everyone home without the need for towing.

Many thanks to Ken Louden who brought the club rescue boat up. Well done to Kieran Doran who took on the sail into town challenge for the first time and lived to tell the tale.


LFYC boats included: Bill J/Joe McC, Anton H/Jack H, Joy W/crew, Colum F/Eve McC, Kevin T, Brendan B, Kieran D

Foyle Festival 10/09/16

Saturday, October 1st, 2016
Foyle Festival Cup Race 1   Race 2  
10/09/16   corrected   corrected
Ken L/Davy L 3 1698 1 1733
Peter F/James P H 1 1677 5 1918
Bill J/James J 2 1684 3 1837
Anton H/Jack H 4 1766 6 1972
Kevin T (Laser) 5 1860 4 1907
Ciaran M/Eva M 6 1903 7 1997
Gareth G/Richard G DNS   2 1812
Liam D (Laser) DNF   DNF  
Brendan B (Laser) DNF   DNF  
Colum F/Eve McC DNF   DNF  
James McL (Laser) DNF   DNF  

Congratulations to Ken and Davy for the win and the consistent high place. Great to see Peter and James back out sailing and a nice win to boot. Great also to see Liam, Brendan, Colum and Eve, James all out and sailing well.

Many thanks to Liam H as OD and Rescue