Racing 08/10/16

Series H Race 7   Race 8  
08/10/16   corrected   corrected
Ken L/Jack H 1 1899 2 1511
Bill J/Joe McC 2 2212 1 1497
Nigel McB (Laser) 4 2335 5 1807
Kevin T (Laser) 5 2429 4 1664
Ciaran M/Eva M 3 2292 3 1635

Wind was in short supply and it looked like we would not get out, but then it filled in and we had a good day.
Racing to Faughan then Conniborrow and back. Two races one lap each.
Ken L sailing with Jack H. Anton H was OD.
Congratulations to Bill and Joe who sailed very well in race two.

Congratulations also to Nigel McB who sailed very well in his new Laser.

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