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Cancelled: Flag ship start near Black Brae.

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

We all arrived on time and it was fine sunny day, except it was blowing so hard that standing on the pier was difficult. Sailing was cancelled.

It has been proposed to run next Saturdays race 30/04/11 in the lower Foyle/ Black Brae area . As the race is due to start at 15.00, competing boats would need to leave Culmore Point by approx 14.00, weather permitting.

For those who may wish to view the race, a nice walk can be had to a good viewing point by driving to the sea wall at the bottom of station road on the waterside beyond dupont.
Bring binoculars.

Series D Race 1 24/04/11

Sunday, April 24th, 2011
Series D race 1 race 2
21/04/11 21/04/11
Ken L/David L 1 2
Dermot M 2 DNS
Danny G/Gareth G 3 DNF
Keith L/Dessie H 4 1
Anton H/Jack H DNF 4
Bill J/Stephen B DSQ 3
George G Laser DNF DNS

A beautiful sunny day with medium to strong winds from SW. Anton H and Jack H made a good start in race 1 but capsized on the reach down the bay. Dermot M made his way from the back of the fleet after a bad start to the front with some spectacular reaching work in the Phantom. Bill J was over the line at the start. George G stopped short of the line at the end.  In race 2 Anton H/Jack H and Bill J/Stephen B had a good race and a tight finish.

Series C Race 2 21/04/11

Sunday, April 24th, 2011
Series C race 2
Ken L/David L 1
Keith L/Dessie H 2
Dermot M 3
Bill J/Bernie 4
Danny G/Gareth G 5
Anton H DNF
James L/James H DNF
Anthony G/Todd DNF
David T/Joy DNF

All boats became becalmed near the oyster marks, some choose to rtd, those who waited found the wind again and had a good race.

Series B race 3 19/04/11

Sunday, April 24th, 2011
Series B race 3
Ken L/David L 1
Keith L/Dessie H 2
Dermot M 3
Gareth G 4
Anthony G/Todd 5
Anton H 6
George G Laser 7

Nice to see Gareth G out in the club laser. Todays race involved some careful reading of the tides.

Changes to LFYC handicap

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Kevin T’s and George G handicap has been adjusted from 1232 and 1190 to 1195 and 1195

Series A Races 5 + 6 16/04/2011

Saturday, April 16th, 2011
Series A race 5 race 6
16/04/11 16/04/11
Bill J/Stephen B 1 2
Ken L/David L 2 3
Keith L/Dessie H 3 4
Danny G/Gareth G 4 DNF
Kevin T 5 6
Kevin L /James L 6 1
Dermot M 7 7
George G 8 9
Anton H/Jack H DNF 5
Anthony G/Todd DNF 8

F2/3 SW. The start of the race was delayed to allow very low tide to come in a bit. Some strong gusts. Race one saw Kevin T or George G in one of the lasers go over, not sure who. Anton H crashed into the outfall mark (not an easy thing to do).

Race 2 start was fun for Keith L who missed is straps and fell out, managing to get back in quickly. Dessie H looked puzzled during the incident. Kevin T and George G had a great race over the line in the Lasers.

Many thanks to Roy L who stepped in as OD and to James H who assisted him.

Series A Races 3+4 09/04/11

Sunday, April 10th, 2011
Series A race 3 race 4
09/04/11 09/04/11
Dermot M 1 DNS
James L/James H 2 DNF
Ken L/David L 3 1
Bill J/Stephen B 4 3
Danny G/Gareth G 5 2
Anton H/Jack H 6 4
George G 7 DNF
Anthony G/Todd 8 DNF

Winds varied from near calm to a gusty F4. Anton H and Jack H launched their new GP14 and sailed well despite a capsize with spinnaker up. George G was also caught in a strong gust and went for a swim. Very strong tides and dropping winds toward the end of the second race caused difficulties for the back of the fleet.

Thanks to Kevin L and Dermot M in the rescue boat for their vigilance.

Series C Race 1 7/04/11

Sunday, April 10th, 2011
Series C race 1
James L/James H 1
Dermot M 2
Bill J/Joy 3
Keith L/Dessie H 4
Ken L/David L 5
Anton H 6
Danny G/Gareth G 7
Anthony G/Todd 8
George G Solo 9
Mark McC DNF

Moderate southerly wind.

The irresistable force of youth was on display tonight with James Lynch and James Hockley winning a great race. They were under pressure from the Faughan mark where two Louden boats caught them after a long chase. A prolonged battle of tacks then ensued all the way back to the finish line with the young lads clinching the victory. Strong nerves and excellent boat handling were needed.

A spectacular day of sailing that bodes well for LFYC.

Here’s a few snaps from before the race:

From TLHC: Anton H and Phantom, Kevin L, James L and James H and GP14, Keith L, Dessie H and Gp14, inside a GP14, Gareth G, Danny G and Gp14, George G and Solo, Dermot M and George D (OD) and Phantom, David L, Ken L and Gp14, Mark McC, Owen McC and Gp14, Bill J, Joy and Gp14.

Series B Race 2 05/04/11

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Race cancelled due to high winds and poor light

Series A Races 2+3 02/04/11

Sunday, April 10th, 2011
Series A race 3 race 4
02/04/11 02/04/11
Keith L/Dessie H 1 1
Ken L/David L 2 2
Bill J/Stephen B 3 4
Anthony G/Todd 4 DNF
Dermot M 5 5
Anton H 6 6
George G 7 7
Danny G/Gareth G DNF 3

Very windy day blowing Southerly. Multiple capsize actions from Danny G and Dermot M and Bill J. The phantoms were a handful at all Jibe manouvers of which there were more than usual because of a dog leg shaped course sailing in the bays on both sides of culmore point. Many thanks to the rescue boat team, Roy L and others who were kept busy. Anthony G/Todd and Anton H  had a great little mini race for the line in Race 1.