Racing Series F 13/08/16

Series F Race 3   Race 4  
13/08/2016   corrected   corrected
Bill J/James J 1 1597 1 1704
Anton H (Laser) 2 1602 2 1729
Kevin T (Laser) 3 1653 3 1831
George G (Solo) 4 1728 4 1872
Liam (Pico) 5 1754   DNF

Starting from a boat (James J) using the flag and the perch we raced to harts back down the bay (near the green nav light) back to the power station in race one (all starboard marks). In race two we went the other way (all port marks). Great to see Liam out again.

Patchy winds (F2-3). Bill and James J sailing very well.

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