Punt racing Sat 18th August 2012

Two races held today with a Culmore zig zag course: start near the peir, up to a mark near the jetty, over to a mark near George G’s house through the line around the point and run down to Fahan X2.

Ken D was in unstopable form with an ace crew comprising Ciaran H and Stuart D.

James P H had charge of James H Snr’s Punt and found crew with Owen McC and Jack H.

Roy L was sailing with James L and Sean McC.

In race one Roy L managed to catch James H from what looked like an impossible position.

James H and crew once bitten made no mistakes in race 2 chasing Ken D and crew very hard.

James H, helm, Jack H and Owen McC going well in Hockley’s Punt, 18 Aug 12

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