Racing 07/nov/15 – Hot Toddy

Series I Race5   Race 6   Race 7  
Gareth G/Richard G 1 1272 1 1823 2 1666
Bill J/James J 2 1286 4 1939 3 1675
Anton H/Barry McN 5 1343 7 2057 1 1650
George G (Solo) 3 1305 6 2003 4 1667
Ciaran Moore (Laser) 6 1447 2 1881 7 1791
Peter F/Owen McC 4 1335 3 1897 DNF  
Kevin T DNS   5 1976 6 1772
Liam D (Pico) DNF   DNF      

Great sailing today for the another Hot Toddy hosted by George D. Our special thanks to him. A good breeze. Racing from the peir around Culmore Bay in a sort of zig zag course.Gareth and Richard sailing exceptionally well. George G also going very well today. The star mention has to go to Ciaran Moore sailing in the club laser and swiping a second place. Beginner? Huh! 🙂

Kevin T enjoyed his racing passing Anton H and Barry McN at Harts mark and giving them a cheerful greeting as he passed by. (I must remember to adjust his handicap for next year).

Many thanks to Liam for rescue and Ken, George and Peter F for OD duties.

After the sailing we adjourned to the castle and took to the Whiskey. The castle has the feel, furnishing, comfort and company of a Shebeen. I cannot think of a better place to drink Whiskey!


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