racing 04/05/17

Series B Race 5   Race 6  
Wed 04/may/2017   corrected   corrected
Ken L/Davy L 1 2023 1 1103
Bill J/Joe McC 2 2050 2 1124
George G (Solo) 4 2072 3 1156
Michael C Laser 3 2238 4 1195
Anton H/Mike M 5 2238 5 1205

Racing tonight from the perch to Fahan, Conniborrow and power station marks. x2 in race 1 and one lap in race 2.
Good wind F4 from NE. Strong ebb tide made going a bit bumpy.
Bill and Owen had a good battle with the Loudens atthe front. Anton H and Mike M struggled with the spinnaker but were going well on the beat. Great to see Michael C going well in the laser.

Great to see Ciaran D out in the pico in more challenging winds than before. A sharp learning curve for him going on tonight.

Many thanks to big Pete and Liam H for OD and rescue services. Your help is noted and much appreciated by all.

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