Racing Series E 05/07/17

Series E Race 1  
Wed 05/July/2017   time
Ken L/Davy L 1 2615
James H Snr (Phantom) 2 2818
Gareth G/Richard G 3 3011
Anton H/mike F RTD  
Michael C (Laser) RTD

An evening of strong winds then very little wind but an ever increasing tide. Getting around the mark on the second lap at Harts was the key, if you did and completed the race if not you didn’t complete the race.
Welcome (back) to James H Snr in his new Phantom and very nice new sail. Fair wind!

Should we start the Phantom fleet of Ireland? The population was once 3, now just one again. They never quete prospered and they never seem to die away. A difficult boat to sail but very rewarding when it goes right.


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