Peace Bridge Race

Peace Bridge Race R1
Ken L/Davy L 1
James P H/Alan T 2
Anton H/Joy W 3
Bill J 4
Kevin T 5
George G 6

The annual Peace Bridge Race was held today. Starting the race was tricky as the wind was blowing from the NW and the tide was coming in. The decision was made to start the race going upwind heading to Leonard’s mark from the Perch. For some boats it was difficult to reach the mark against the tide. In light winds a big spread quickly occurred between the lead and following boats. Anton H/Joy W were going well and managed to catch up a bit. The race was shortened as the wind dropped. Congratulations to Ken and Davy L who won the race in a close battle with James P/Alan T the whole way up the river.

Many thanks to the rescue boats who came up the river and for providing the long tow home. Thanks also to the OD who had to make the calls to day.

Peace Bridge Race: Roll of Honours

1st Peace Bridge Race 2012 (Keith L and Dessie H)

2nd Peace Bridge Race 2013 (Keith L and Alan T)

3rd Peace Bridge Race 2014 (Ken L and Davy L)

4rth Peace Bridge Race 2015 (Ken L and Davy L)

5th Peace Bridge Race 2016 (Gareth G and Richard G)

6th Peace Bridge Race 2017 (Ken L and Davy L)

7th Peace Bridge Race 2018 (James P H and Alan T)

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