Series B

Thu 13/05/21

Light winds caused just one race tonight. Tonights racing also concludes Series B: Congratulations to James P H and Alan T who win the series.

Tue 11/05/21

Sailing today in Culmore Bay. Karen (Joys sister) was sailing with Bill J. Great to see her back sailing. Light winds, Harts, Gilmores, Power station, x2. Anton H and Joy W crashed into the back of Bill J and Karen in a competitive mark rounding. No damage! Joy W said it serves them right for being in front. Well done to James P H and Alan T who had two aces.

Thursday 29/04/21

Sailing today in contrast to Tuesday night was in very light winds. Race 1 took 41 minutes. Actually after Tuesday, the light winds were welcome! The course tonight was Perch, Faughan, Conniborrow, Leonards x2. Well done to James P H and Alan T who took both wins. Are they going to win everything this year? Certainly going very well!


Sailing today started in very strong winds and big sea which gradually built up eventually making it impossible to race. Well done to James P H/Alan T who were the only boat to complete the course. Anton H and Joy W managed a burning reach across the bay near the clubhouse on the way home. Nice. The second race was abandoned.

  26/04/21 29/04/21 11/05/21 13/05/21   Points
Series B R1   R2 R3 R4 R5 R6      
James P H/Alan T 1   1 1 1 1 1       6
Bill J/Keith L/Karen 6   2 2 5 2 3       20
Anton H/Joy W 6   3 3 3 3 2       20
Kevin T 7   6 6 3 5 5       32
George G 7   5 5 6 5 5       33
Barry McN 6   6 6 6 5 5       34
James H Snr 6   6 6 6 5 5       34

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