4rth Peace Bridge Race

the Peace Bridge Race is an open event. It has a simple course. From a start line at Culmore point sail around a mark at the Peace Bridge and back. The race can be as quick as 1 hour 15 or in light winds up to four hours long. It contains some interesting sailing challenges.

A very close Peace Bridge Race this year with 4 mins. separating the first five boats after a two hour long race.
Good wind held the whole way up and down. Great to see Colum and Eve out sailing. Eve once again demanded that all spiders were removed from the boat before she set sail – in fairness, a modest demand.

Congratulations to Ken L and Davy L who retain the John Hume and University of Ulster Peace Bridge Trophy for another year.

Peace Bridge race
Ken L/Davy L 1 1.56.10
Gareth G/Richard G 2 1.57.57
Alan T/Owen McC 3 1.58.15
James H/Emerald H 4 1.58.58
Bill J/James J 5 2.00.06
Anton H 6 2.03.36
Colum F/Eve McC 7 DNF

3rd Peace Bridge Race 2014 (Ken L and Davy L)

2nd Peace Bridge Race 2013 (Keith L and Alan T)

1st Peace Bridge Race 2012 (Keith L and Dessie H)


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