Frostbite 25/11/17

The last sail of the year – and it felt like it. Windy, rainy, cold. Nonetheless two lasers went out.

Race 9

1st Anton H
2nd Kevin T

Race 10

1st Anton H
2nd Kevin T

Race 11

1st Anton H
2nd Kevin T

A few dodgy Jibes today over near the jetty – made more difficult because the wind near there is affected by the power station.
After the sailing we adjourned to the hut and had Christmas Pudding. Many thanks to Liam and Ken and Pete for rescue and officer duties.

As we were packing up work was in full flow laying the timber founds for the new changing room. It will be a great bonus next year – see you then.

O+O 2017

Frostbite 18/11/17

Frostbite Series            
  Race 6 Corrected Race 7 Corrected Race 8 Corrected
Anton H/Joy W 4 1146 1 754 1 404
George G 1 1011 2 785 3 454
Kevin T 3 1141 3 826 2 419
James McL 2 1063 4 832 4 478

Three short races, first race two laps, second and third one lap each. Wind picked up for last race leading to very fast times. Anton H and Joy W showing a bit of nice style with quick spinaker raising and lowering.

Frostbite 11/11/17

Frostbite Series        
  Race 4 Corrected Race 5 Corrected
Anton H/Joy W 1 2048 1 1801
James McL 2 2068 2 2083
George G 3 2269 3 2160

Racing in Culmore Bay, James McL going very well in the Laser. Shifty conditions ranging from F1 to F5. Cold but bright and sunny. Race No 4 was two laps, Race No 5 was one lap.

To keep people warm instead of the usual five we adopted a two minute gun for the frostbite series. Two mins, one min, Go.
After the racing we headed to the hut for coffee.

The Frostbite Series 04/11/17

This year for the first year in a long time we ran a Frostbite series. The Series comprised of four SAT morning races in November. The Frostbite series was primarily intended for the Laser class but all boats are welcome.

Race 1 (2 Laps)

1st Anton H
2nd Kevin T
3rd Dermot D

Race 2 (1 lap)

1st Anton H
2nd Kevin T
3rd Dermot D

Race 3 (1 lap)

1st Anton H
2nd Kevin T
3rd Dermot D

Racing in Culmore Bay with variable winds. Just before racing was started a squall came in and Anton H went over twice in quick succession. Dermot also took a swim a bit later. Many thanks to Liam H in the rescue boat and to Big Pete and Ken L as officers. We adjourned after the race to the hut for coffee and cake.

Hot Toddy

The sailing on this year’s Hot Toddy was blown out. A freezing gale was blowing. But on the upside we still had the whiskey!

So we did the only thing we could and sat in the new hut and drank merrily.

This year’s Hot Toddy was partaken in the new hut, which has a good roof, a window, a door and heater. It also has a plug for the kettle and a table and seats. A great improvement over the usual location in the castle – nice as the castle is.

Many thanks to George D who once again provided the hospitality.



Brian Frazer Cup

Blowing a gale!! It was doubtful if we would get out. Eventually three Lasers set out.

1st Kevin T

2nd Bill J

Rtd. Anton H

The course was in Culmore Bay. Congratulations to Kevin T, nice sailing.





Foyle Flotilla 14/Oct/17

On the 14 Oct 17 LFYC was pleased to join the Foyle Flotilla. The Foyle Flotilla was organised by the Loughs Agency and it brought together all the main boating clubs including ourselves, the rowers, the canoe club, Sea Scouts and Foyle Sailability.

We sailed from Culmore into the city centre had a bit of fun in town and a picnic then turned back with tide. A great day.

Special thanks to Kevin Lynch who made the arrangements from the LFYC side.

Many thanks to all the organisers and helpers (esp, those in rescue boats, we all appreciated the tow home when the wind dropped near Thornhill bank).

About 10 LFYC boats went into town a mix of GP14s, Punts and Lasers.

Racing sat 07/10/17

Series h Race 8   Race 9  
sat 07/oct/2017   corrected   corrected
Ciaran M/ Eva M 2 3219 1 1209
Bill J/Ken L 1 3095 2 1238
Kevin T 3 3243 3 1269
Anton H/James McL 4 3336 4 1280

This race was started from the water using a whistle. The times were accurately recorded using a swiss watch. The handicap was calculated using a deep learning neural network running an advanced algorithm developed by NASA. The results you see above are the considered working of the processes mentioned.

Series H, Sat 30/Sept/17

Series h Race 6   Race 7  
Wed 30/sept/2017   corrected   corrected
Ken L/Davy L 1 1377 1 2476
Ciaran M/ Eva M 4 1544 2 2515
Kevin T 2 1500 4 2577
Bill J/crew 3 1530 3 2517
James McL 5 1638 5 2651
Anton H/Paul J 7 1669 6 2675
Kevin L/Joy W 6 1654 7 2691

Ciaran and Eva M steadily moving up the ranks. Well done to them! Kevin T going well in his Laser. Great to see Paul J out in a dinghy. He still can do it, I think he surprised himself!


Foyle Festival Cup postponed

The Foyle Festival Cup was postponed today as it was too windy and deemed unsafe.

The Foyle Festival Cup is now proposed to be combined with the Hot Toddy .